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We are only happy when you are. So it's particularly pleasing when we receive so much positive feedback from our clients.

Here are some of our recent testimonials... If you would like to speak to any of our former clients personally, please ask.

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"I trained with Claire 2 weeks ago and passed my Part 3 exam with 5/5.

I contacted Claire after seeing her and Ged's training videos on YouTube. Their training was to such a high standard I contacted Claire to talk things through. Claire was so positive and optimistic about what support she could offer me. Despite me travelling from the far North of Scotland to Manchester (approximately 8 hours) it was worth every minute.

I met Claire on Friday afternoon. She was oozing with enthusiasm and was so friendly and supportive. I knew instantly I had made the right decision. Her friendly personality made a massive impact and I began to feel more confident straight away.

Claire really knows her stuff! She is an expert in her profession and her passion for what she does just shines through. Before long Claire was giving me really constructive feedback on what I was doing well and pin pointing the areas that required more work. Her training style worked perfect for me! I left the training that afternoon having done a great deal of work on Crossroads and ultimately knew how to teach the reverse park. The one subject that worried me a great deal. And ultimately I went away understanding the Core Competencies. Her explanations were clear, and she broke it down in a way that allowed us to practice piecing all the elements of the core competencies together from start to finish.

That evening I returned to my hotel. It was the perfect environment to review and reflect on my training. Before I knew it again it was Saturday morning and I couldnt wait to get going again!

Her approach to the session was extremely flexible. I had the opportunity to suggest what I would like to work on and she also made suggestions. Once again the perfect approach!

The day flew in so quickly. We had the entire training recorded which meant that I could concentrate fully on what I was being taught to do and then download and watch back when I got home.

Last week I passed my part 3 with 5/5 grades. To say I was over the moon was an understatement!

Claire is a wonderful trainer and I would not have passed if I had not trained with her. She has a unique and passionate approach to her training and is clearly is an expert in her field.

I have really fond memories of my trip to Oldham. I hope to come down again to continue with my Standards Check training.

I cannot recommend Claire enough and wish I had only come to them for training in the first instance. I know now what is required to become and practice as a good instructor and Claire can certainly teach any PDI to achieve their dream.

'Thank you' doesn't sound enough. But the fact that I have passed with such great marks is a true reflection of what a wonderful trainer and role model you are.

Thank you Claire, for EVERYTHING!"

Natasha Shearer DVSA ADI (Invergordon)

"I need to say a massive thank you to you both for your patience and expert coaching which resulted in me passing the ADI Part 3 test with a 5:5 score.

My road to passing my Part 3 was long and after training and failing miserably with a national driving school, my confidence was at a low level.

Claire and Ged built up my confidence and explained clearly the standard required and the skills needed to be successful, not only with the test but in being a good driving instructor.

I would recommend Claire and Ged as they are friendly, encouraging, helpful, understanding and motivational."

Kevin Frampton DVSA ADI (Northwich)

"Ged and Claire – thank you both for your humour, enthusiasm, perseverance and endless patience allowed me to pass my Part 3 test last week. The 5 months since I started training with you both has flown past and my first time passes at both Part 2 and Part 3 tests are really down to you guys. All my time web searching for the perfect training company really paid off.

Your course provided everything I needed to get through the theory and practical training and your Part 3 role-play videos, in particular, were an essential support element for everything we did in the car.

Finally, a big thank you for all the business advice we somehow managed to fit in around the intensive in-car training."

Dave Fordyce DVSA ADI (Lowthertown, Dumfriesshire)

"I contacted Ged and Claire in January 2014, as I had become fed up in my previous job as part of the data team for the NHS. I had thought about becoming a driving instructor years ago but never did anything about it. I did some research on the internet and after reading previous testimonials on the Active Driving Solutions website, I made contact and met up with Ged. After reading about their success rates the night before, I was already 95% sure I would go with them, and within minutes of speaking to Ged, my mind was made up.

Due to our hectic schedules, I had my first lesson in March and passed all three ADI tests at the first attempt, qualifying in August – less than 5 months later!

I very much looked forward to the lessons, as they were very enjoyable. Ged and Claire have very different teaching styles and worked together to get me up to the high standard required. Although the lessons were sometimes challenging, I will actually miss them, now I have qualified.

I can't wait to get started with my new career as a driving instructor, and if I enjoy it half as much as Ged and Claire do, I will be happy.

I can't praise them enough, I only wish that I had known about them years ago when I first thought about becoming a driving instructor."

Mark Dronsfield DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"For personal reasons in 2012 I made a difficult decision to change profession, from having been a solicitor for 25 years, to try and become an ADI. I started my training with a well-known national training company in September, 2012. Although I passed Parts 1 and 2 relatively quickly (by January, 2013) I struggled with Part 3 not fully understanding what was required or how to improve my skills as an instructor. I narrowly failed the Part 3 test twice (in July and then in August, 2013).

Like others, I came across Ged and Claire by watching their videos on You Tube. I contacted Ged to arrange some training sessions, namely one afternoon with Ged and one morning with Claire in Oldham in mid-November, 2013, the sessions being video recorded. The extra training and help from both Ged and Claire, watching the videoed training sessions I had had with them as well as the training videos from their website all helped to bolster my confidence and to improve my understanding of what I should be doing.

I am pleased to say that I passed Part 3 (at the third and final attempt) in April, 2014 with grade 4 at Phase 1 and grade 5 at Phase 2.

I have no hesitation in singing the praises of Ged and Claire for their professional, enthusiastic and encouraging approach and in firmly recommending their quality services to others."

Charles Terry DVSA ADI (Forest Row, East Sussex)

"Hi Ged and Claire,

How can I put into mere words just how well you both do your calling? Yes, calling, as it’s more than a job for you both.

You took me as a raw recruit that had an idea that he wanted to be a driving instructor but didn’t really know what that actually involved. You took that raw enthusiasm and moulded it in to shape in a remarkably short time - from my initial phone call to Ged in November 2013 to me passing my Part 3 first time with grades 5-5 was less than 5 months after my first training session! With all the delays in waiting for the DBS (CRB), getting test dates and a family bereavement, that really is a remarkable achievement.

I did a lot of research before I contacted Ged and Claire. After reading all I could find about them and the initial call to Ged, I was sure that they were the right team for me. That was soon confirmed when I first met them both on my first training sessions.

Yes, they were a long way to travel (nearly 3 hours each way), and I did need to stop over in a hotel on a few occasions, but it was well worth the extra effort!

I also liked the fact that the lessons were not just about passing the tests - alongside the extra bits that come as standard they added modules that I requested as well. Every question I asked was treated with respect and answered honestly. A truly personal service.

I did most of my training with Ged but it was great to have some of my lessons with Claire as they do both work in different ways. Having someone else in the driving seat occasionally undoubtedly helped me come test day.

If you are thinking about becoming an ADI then I can highly recommend Ged & Claire."

Richard Wilson DVSA ADI (Pwllheli, North Wales)
Learn With Rich

"I used to be a pipe fitter and had never thought about becoming a driving instructor. But I was diagnosed with cancer and I subsequently lost an eye through the illness. It took away my confidence, self esteem and self worth.

During my recovery, I stumbled across a video on YouTube of Ged and Claire. I became interested in becoming a Driving Instructor. With the help of a local ADI, I passed Part 1 on my 1st attempt and Part 2 second time around.

Recognising that I would need further professional help to get me through the Part 3 test, I contacted Ged. As soon as I'd spoken to Ged, my search for a Part 3 trainer was over. His enthusiastic manner is infectious, and I couldn't wait to get started!

I met up with him for my first training session. The 1 hour drive to Oldham paled into insignificance once I'd met Ged. His ability to make you feel relaxed and comfortable is just one of the many reasons why he's at the top of his profession. His eye for detail and commitment to his job is outstanding, never standing still and always moving with the times. Training was also great fun - on one particular Saturday full day session, I arrived in Oldham stressed out. But we laughed so much on that day we had to go for dinner early. I will take that session to the grave with me!

I'd had about 3 or 4 training sessions with Ged before I met Claire, who is equally adept at making you feel at ease. She is also very accommodating - for example, my son was playing in an important football match for his school and Claire rescheduled the training session to work on her day off so that I could be there for my son’s match and didn’t lose out on my training.

I passed my Part 3 test at the 1st attempt with grades 6:5, which would have been impossible without Ged & Claire’s excellent training methods.

They haven't just helped me start a new career, they have given my confidence back. I really feel I can achieve anything now! I'm actually quite sad I won't be going up to Oldham any more but I can take solace in the fact that Ged & Claire are always at the other end of the phone to offer me advice if ever I need it.

To sum up, I would recommend anyone looking for driving instructor training to give Ged and Claire a ring - you won't be disappointed and like me, you'll be sold instantly.

Thank you both!"

Mark Finn DVSA ADI (Liverpool)

"The biggest THANK YOU to you Ged and Claire!!!

These two people are absolute gold dust, you will be hard pushed to find any better ADI trainers.

It is purely down to the coaching, advice and tips received from Ged and Claire that got me through my Part 3.

I can't recommend them highly enough!"

Rachel Billingham DVSA ADI (Sale)

"After being made redundant at the end of September 2013, I was considering a new career and becoming an ADI was an option I had considered and researched. I was still considering my future when I had a conversation with a current ADI, he had advised it was the best thing he had ever done and that if I was to go ahead with the training, I should not consider training with anyone but Ged and Claire.

I started to research Active Driving Solutions and I promised myself I would see them before anyone else if I was to go ahead. I was almost certain this was what I wanted to do so I made the call and arranged a meeting with Claire, once I had met Claire I was absolutely certain I wanted to go ahead with the training. I had no doubt in my mind that I was investing my time and money wisely and this proved to be the case over the following months.

I first met Ged for my Hazard Perception training and he also started my part 2 training, Claire then completed my part 2 training and it very quickly became evident they were not teaching me to pass a test, they were teaching me a skill with aspirations to be better than the required standard.

Ged completed the majority of my part 3 training and I have to say, I always looked forward to my lessons. I always felt comfortable and at ease when learning new skills and at the end of each lesson I fully understood what we had achieved, the next lesson was easy to prepare for as I had been given full instruction on what needed to be done in order to continue making progress. Claire took me for a few of my part 3 lessons and the training was seamless, regardless of who took the lesson it was always consistent and in line with my requirements. The feedback from both was honest and constructive and it genuinely felt like I had won the backing of 2 dragons for my investment.

I am so glad I made the decision back in November and completed my training with Ged and Claire. They are passionate about their business and the whole Industry and are continually trying to improve on what is already a fantastic service. They are extremely knowledgeable and adept at passing this on to their students. Their business is one of the few where their success is not measured financially but on results. Delivering the best possible training is what is important to them and this is why they will always have success!

If you are considering training to be an ADI, please make the same promise to yourself that I did, you will not regret it.

Thank you to both of you for helping me to pass all 3 tests at the first attempt."

Ian Lees DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"Hi Ged and Claire,

I was reading through your testimonial page and thought it was high time I posted a review of my own.

I don’t have a picture with me and my test pass sheet as I was in Glasgow when I sat my test and clearly my "top of the Google search rankings company" don’t think they need to get reviews. They don't need reviews, they need new driving instructor trainers... like you both!

It took me a couple of years to get through my training with this other company, mainly as the instructor said to me, "No one ever passes first time and the pass rate is around 30% overall". Totally deflated my confidence or any I may have had initially at first meeting.

I was scared and apprehensive even about taking the Part 1 exam after this, so it took me 6 months to even go and sit that test! I then failed my first Part 2 test due to incorrect information given to me by my trainer. I was relieved to pass it on the second attempt.

A whole year later, I took (and failed) my first attempt at Part 3. After watching some of Claire and Ged’s videos, I decided I needed their help… big time! I went to see Claire for two sessions in July 2013. I felt as if I had known her all my life! During the training, things really started to fall into place for me. She is a fabulous instructor, and had me talking even faster than I normally would haha! I took on board everything she taught me and said to me about Part 3 and put it into practice. AND I PASSED!

There are no other instructors like Ged and Claire. They are totally dedicated to what they do and I don’t think I have ever seen anyone fail after their instruction! A truly amazing couple and I hope to meet up with them again someday!

Thank you both for all your help last year along with another couple of trainers. I wouldn’t be here setting up my own company without it!"

Carol McVey DVSA ADI (Glasgow)
Carol McVey Driving School

"I first started my training to become an ADI back in December 2012, passing my Part 1 and 2 tests relatively quickly. However when it came to my Part 3, I did not quite understand what was required of me for the Part 3 exam or how to improve as an instructor. I failed the exam once, lost all my confidence and felt totally out of my depth. I decided to seek extra help after this, and that's when I came across Ged and Claire.

Both of them inspired me as they both trained to become ADIs at a young age and being only 23 myself (22 at the time of my training) I really admire all they have achieved.

I only had one and a half days training with them, but it was completely worth it. I travelled from Kent to see them and I was tired once I arrived, but it couldn't have been more worthwhile.

They are both so positive, helpful and friendly. No question was too small or silly for them to answer. They covered everything in a lot of detail. I worked a lot on the right reverse with them as I had never really looked at this before and as it turned out, this topic then came up in my Part 3. I passed on my second attempt in December 2013 gaining a good 5-5, which I was extremely happy with! A lot of credit must go to Ged and Claire. They have given me loads of advice before, during and after my training with them, always offering extra help. They go the extra mile for their customers like me and they are two very unique, lovely people.

Thank you so much for everything Ged and Claire, you both inspire me every day to keep going, with your articles on your blog and your positive attitudes.

I would highly recommend both Ged and Claire Wilmot to anyone seeking help to pass their Part 3 ADI exam and gain vital skills to use in their future careers as ADIs."

Carissa Cork DVSA ADI (Tunbridge Wells)

"Having been an ADI before, working part time some years ago I thought I’d breeze straight through my Part 2 the second time around... and to my surprise (and with an extra-large serving of nerves) I managed to score a serious fault within the first three minutes of leaving the test centre (missing a 20mph zone) and then went on to collect a further three minor faults.

I had already booked my first Part 3 training session with Claire before taking my Part 2. After my truly impressive first test and with some panic I called Claire to change to a Part 2 refresher session. Three hours with Claire, her magic had worked on me and a week later I passed my Part 2 with just one minor driving fault.

Again, amusingly I thought I would sail through my Part 3. Why wouldn’t I? After all, I’ve been an ADI before and passed all three tests first time back in 2005! Now, don’t think that I was being arrogant as I wasn't, I just thought it was a formality; don't worry my first Part 3 session with Claire reminded me just how much work it takes to get through!

Impatiently, I took my Part 3 test a week before Christmas, and narrowly failed it. The Senior Examiner’s debrief was very positive and, had I identified one recurring fault, I would have passed. As Claire and Ged were fully booked until February (and seeing as I was so close to passing) I went for my second Part 3 test on New Year’s Eve. When I look back I wonder what I was thinking?! I had let a persistent fault go unchecked on my first Part 3 and thought it was a good idea to go into the second test without any further training with Claire... don't ask about the result.

I remember a PDI I knew going for their third Part 3 test back in 2005 and saying that the pressure on him must be awful. I was now in that boat and speaking to Claire on New Year’s Eve about what should I do. Plans made, I booked in 2 days’ training with Claire and Ged before a test date of the 10th February. The pressure over the next 6 weeks was intense as there wasn't really a backup plan, but throughout this time Claire was calm and confident and just told me "you will pass Stewart".

February 10th came round and there I was at Cheetham Hill Test Centre with the examiner in the car and Claire in the back seat observing. An hour later and it was over. After fifteen minutes waiting for the result, the examiner came back to deliver the news.

By experience I know only too well that the SE starts by asking you how you think it went, which being my third test felt a bit like trial by lack of remedial action! Then he said those words ... "I'm pleased to say you've passed!" It wasn't perfect, picking up a notable mistake in each phase, but still good enough for a 4-5.

For the second time in the last 9 years I am a DVSA ADI (Car). The first time around I went with one of the big national training companies and yes I qualified ... but I do wonder how. The training was in no way as detailed and comprehensive as you’ll receive from Claire and Ged. I never got 1 to 1 Part 3 training (at best it was 2 to 1 in car sessions and at worst it was 12 to 1 in classroom sessions – half of the 40 hours training before you could go out on a trainee licence was delivered in the classroom). All the big company strived to do was to get us to scrape through with a 4-4.

So where do you start and what do you say to Claire and Ged, because "thank you" just doesn't seem enough? What Claire and Ged do each and every day is provide the very best 1-to-1 Part 3 training in the industry. It's completely tailored to your own individual needs, it's engaging, it's fun and yes it's hard work, but if you've got it in your DNA to be an ADI then Claire and Ged WILL make it happen.

Claire and Ged change lives – not just the lives of their PDIs, but in turn they allow us to change the lives of our learners. I’ve just given my first lesson, a lady in her 30s that had a Controls and Moving off & Stopping lesson. She got into the car as a nervous beginner with the thought she was going to spend two hours in the local superstore car park! She floated out of the car on a high after a great session that included main roads, roundabouts and even a small section of dual carriageway. Why? Well that's down to Claire and a very, very hard and rewarding session on the 13th December where we did the very same lesson. My learner, our learners will benefit from the excellent training that Claire and Ged deliver and unlike us they’ll never have the pleasure of meeting the two of them.

I look forward to the next training session with Claire and Ged, so pop me in the diary for the Standards Check Training around July please?

Thanks, and all the best!"

Stewart Old DVSA ADI (Oakham)

"I have just passed my ADI Part 3 test and the credit goes to Claire and Ged.

As with a lot of people who have written here, I too paid a lot of money out to one of the big companies thinking that their name would support the reputation. Getting to Part 2 was relatively easy, but Part 3? I felt as if they put you through the minimum number of hours and then put you in for your Part 3 test irrespective of whether you were ready or not - thinking that if you fail then you will part with yet more of your hard-earned cash for further lessons to get you through.

Claire and Ged go the extra mile and will only put you forward for Part 3 if THEY think you can pass. I am from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, and yes, the drive and distance was a pain – BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

I travelled up on a Wednesday, stayed over and trained full days on Thursday and Friday. I then went home and revised/trained and watched the videos (this does help!). Staying in a hotel helped me to focus on what I was trying to achieve whilst being away from everyday life.

If you want to become an ADI, give Claire or Ged a ring (they are both quite approachable really!) and let them help you.

I promise you - it is worth it!"

Ian Myers DVSA ADI (Melton Mowbray)

"It was January 2013 when I made the decision to become an ADI. I wanted to learn how to become an instructor and teach my mum how to drive. That's what really got me started.

I looked all over to find the best people to start training with and with some companies charging mega-money it was going to be a difficult. Out the blue, I saw Ged and Claire’s ADI videos on YouYube and I thought “Wow! They are really good!” The best thing was they were just down the road from me. Actually, even if they had been HUNDREDS of miles away I would have still travelled to learn from them.

I started training in July 2013 and within 5 months I had passed my ADI Part 2 and Part 3 test FIRST TIME!

Yes, you have to put the effort in. But the biggest effort and dedication came from my teachers, Ged and Claire. They motivated me all the way and I just wanted to learn more and more.

So it’s a big thank you to Ged and Claire!"

Umar Farooq DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"Hi Ged and Claire, I hope you are both well.

Firstly, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you both for helping me in passing my Part 3 test.

I received a 5:5 result at my first attempt at the Part 3 which I am very pleased with; thanks for your perseverance and expert guidance as well as top training in helping me achieve this.

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Ged and Claire to anyone who would be looking for finding success in passing their driving instructor exams.

Before I came to Ged and Claire, I had paid a lot of money for substandard training from another provider and I was unsure of which way to turn. My confidence and self-esteem were low and I was wondering what I was doing wrong and did not know which way to turn.

It was only after watching Ged and Claire’s videos on YouTube that I realised they might be able to help me. I rang Ged and explained my situation to him and also told him I was running out of time. He was very understanding and knowledgeable and definitely seemed to know what he was talking about.

I booked a few training sessions with them and after the first session I realised the difference between the sub-standard training I had received previously and the expert training I was now getting.

After the next few sessions I began to feel more confident and the hope of achieving my goal finally felt within reach. I knew for sure that I did not just pass this test by luck and felt fully prepared for anything which may have come up in the exam.

I would like to say that Ged and Claire are the most genuine people I have come across.

If anyone is looking for expert training then call Ged & Claire, the perfect pair for when you are in despair!"

Abdul Waheed DVSA ADI (Blackburn)

"What can I say about ‘Team Wilmot’?!

I first met Claire back in January when I was still undecided about training to be an ADI. Being a 23 year old female I didn’t fit the stereotype of an ADI, so it wasn’t really something I had ever thought about doing.

After doing very limited research, I stumbled across several bigger well-known training companies, and I was prepared to hand over a huge sum of money to what I thought were a trusted, honest, well-known company. Claire was highly recommended to me during a brief conversation with a friend who happened to be a qualified ADI. My friend was not trained by Claire, but had heard nothing but raving reviews by people who had.

I decided to contact Claire and from the very first meeting we had, I was hooked. Hearing about Claire’s life as an ADI (qualifying at a young age herself) I decided to give it a go! We got on like a house on fire!! Training sessions were enjoyable and adapted for my learning style. Everything was personalised for me! I wasn’t taught out of a book which is fab - I have a tendency to switch off! In-car training kept me focused and interested in learning. I spent many an hour driving Claire round the bend...literally!

I didn’t meet Ged until I started my Part 3 training. Having two different perspectives brought to my training sessions was great! Each member of ‘Team Wilmot’ brought their own strengths to add to my experience! I found the different angles extremely helpful… either that or I wished for an easier session with Ged… Claire could quite easily control an army!

'Fail to prepare… prepare to fail!' I will never forget those words Claire said to me half way through training. Things were coming very easily to me so I thought I would be able to just sail through Part 3… boy was I wrong! After several worries, tears and tantrums, the wonderful Claire Wilmot dragged me through my Part 3 test, passing on my first attempt!!

I am now working as an ADI and absolutely love what I do! It’s the BEST decision I have ever made! I’m making new friends and learning new things on a daily basis and I have ‘Team Wilmot’ to thank for that!"

Rebbekka McCullough DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"When I first started training to become an ADI, I had signed up with a very large national company. They hardly ever provided me with one to one sessions so my training time was always shared with somebody else. The quality of the training was very poor. I even struggled to pass my Part 2 test, so my confidence dropped down even more and I understood I NEEDED HELP.

Fortunately I found you, Claire, and I am sooo happy I did, because without you I wouldn't be able to pass my Part 3 in such a short time.

Thank you so much for rescuing me! Thank you for your great support and giving me my confidence back. I can't be grateful enough for your kindness and brilliant job you do.

I also would like to say enormous thank you to Ged for helping me on my last few Part 3 sessions. I really appreciate all your support and excellent job.

I would highly recommend Claire & Ged for ADI training, they are the best!!!!!!! Make the right choice!!!"

Lana Gailisa DVSA ADI (Wigan)

"I first had the idea to become a driving instructor back in 2006. It seemed like the job for me, working my own hours, great job satisfaction, decent money, meeting loads of new people etc, so after a bit of shopping around I paid £2,500 to a large, regional driving school to do the training. They gave me one assessment drive, and sent me a stack of books, telling me to contact them when I'd passed my Part 1 test. Well, I had my first attempt, and failed on hazard perception (something that I'd never come across before), and for various reasons, I never completed any further training. I never received any money back, and I gave up all hope of ever being a driving instructor. I went back to a comfortable job, falling back into a rut.

In December last year, I decided that enough was enough, and I needed a change of career. After exploring various options, I realised that nothing had changed – I really wanted to be a driving instructor.

So, with renewed energy and drive, I started to shop around. I looked at all of the big companies, but was scared of coming across more of the same that I had experienced before. I also spoke to a local instructor, who I consider to be the market leader in my area, in terms of reputation. He told me that in terms of training up ADIs, he had never come across better than Ged Wilmot, so with great intrigue, I found him on Facebook, and sent a pretty vague enquiry.

Ged replied the same day and arranged a mutually good time to call me. When we did speak on the phone I was immediately struck, not only by his passion for what he does, but also by the lack of salesmanship. There was no hard-sell, just some honest opinions and advice. He pointed me to some areas on his website, and emailed me some details, even offering to meet and chat if I wanted. He made it very clear that he was offering advice, and nothing more, and if I decided to go with someone else, then that wasn't a problem. He truly was there to help.

I went away to think about it for a few days. The training wasn't the cheapest around, but the interest-free instalment option made it much more appealing. Everything seemed great so, thankfully, I made the decision to use Ged and Claire to complete my ADI training. That decision was probably the best decision I have made in my life, because they are incredible.

After my first session I was blown away by the difference in training, the study guide and hazard perception training they gave me for Part 1 was, quite simply, fool-proof! If you commit to it, and complete it properly, you will pass, first time, with ease!

Part 2 training was a real eye-opener for me, as I had picked up more than my fair share of bad habits after 15 years of driving. This was when I first worked with Claire, she was fantastic, and left me in no doubt of what I needed to improve on. I passed first time, and the fact that was without even using all of my allotted training lessons is a real testament to their training!

I was looking forward to my Part 3 training. I started my first 5 or 6 sessions with Ged. He has an infectious enthusiasm for what he does, and you can just tell that Part 3 is his passion. The 'watching the learner' lesson is a great grounding for everything that you do afterwards.

After that, most of my training was completed by Claire. Whilst the sessions were challenging, I really enjoyed all my training with Claire. Her training method is just as engaging as Ged's, and I really felt as though I came away learning something after every session.

The almost unique feature of video recording all sessions, and giving you that video to take away and watch again at home, is something that should not be taken lightly. I feel that together with their training videos from the website, this gave me a perfect platform to review my own performance at home and analyse and improve myself! This was invaluable on the approach to test day!

I started my training in January, and passed all 3 tests, at the first attempt, qualifying as an ADI in July. This was beyond my wildest expectations when I started training, and I have absolutely no doubt that Ged and Claire made it possible.

If you are looking for ADI training, then I would seriously recommend that you look no further. They have a superb reputation in the industry, and it is there for a reason! I believe they are up there with the very best that there is, I am very happy that I found them when I did."

Martin Crane DVSA ADI (Fleetwood)
Weelz Driving School

"Well what can I say? I’ve passed, Yipee!

Ged will tell you that I’m a quiet and nervous person that wouldn’t say boo to a goose, so I will do my best to sum up the last 9 months to becoming an ADI.

I’ve had a hard yet great 9 months of training with Ged & Claire (easier to be pregnant!!) and passed all 3 exams first time to become a fully qualified ADI. Feels great to say it and couldn’t have done it without the Ged & Claire show! Every morning, instead of sky sports, Ged & Claire show, my wife knew the training video’s better than Claire & Ged!

After chatting to Claire at length back in September after seeing them on their website, I knew straight away that they would be the people that would help me achieve my goal. Being an estate agent for over 20 years, Claire did a great sales pitch and I felt confident in what she was saying and what they would do to get me through. Suffice to say, the sales pitch was good, but the training was brilliant.

My main concern was, like the rest of us I suppose, exams! Always struggled at school and was very nervous, but as time passed, I grew more confident in my ability, encouraged all the time by good cop, bad cop, had a few hic cups along the way, but soon got back on track and here to praise and thank the two people, who have become friends (had to pay them to be my friend!!) who have made this possible.

To say I had a lot of fun doing the training is a bit of an understatement. I probably had too much fun and was actually told off by my wife, who told me to be quiet and listen to what Ged was telling me. It was Ged that was doing all the larking about !! (did I mention at the beginning I was quiet!)

Seriously though, you have to have a bit of fun along the way and as I write this I have a smile on my face at the laughs we had about leo Sayer, punch n Judy, the Thai whistling car park attendant, oh and must mention the time me and Claire were reported to the police as possible terrorists, as people in a certain area of Manchester saw us with the in car camera and thought we were casing the area !! Not funny when the police knocked on Ged’s door!

You guys are the best. Your friendly, understanding, encouraging and totally professional attitude to what you do, is why you have the reputation you have. It doesn’t matter who you speak to in the industry, but when your names are mentioned, there is nothing but respect; and credit to you both, you’ve earned it.

I look forward to meeting up with you again soon, whether it be for a bite to eat, at a conference or for my check test training, and would again, like thank you for all your time and effort. It’s been fab.

PS. Don’t forget when passing other vehicles our anticipation! We are looking for people walking out between parked cars. "Always look for the 7ft 8 inch blind chap being escorted across the road by a 2ft lady on roller skates!!!

See you soon!"

Phil Shaw DVSA ADI (Buxton)
Pass With Phil Driving School

"I was training with a local ADI trainer for over two years before meeting Ged. Just before the end of that two year period, I failed on all 3 attempts at the Part 3. Not only did I fail, I got really bad grades each time (2,2 on my first attempt; 2,3 on my second attempt and 3,3 on my final attempt). My previous trainer was training 3 of us (sometimes 4) at the same time. After I failed, I was feeling very low and confused. That’s when my friend Zaheer (who had passed with Ged some months earlier) urged me to contact Ged.

So I rang Ged for help. He was very reassuring and I instantly knew I had made the right decision. I booked 5 training sessions (4 with Ged & 1 with Claire). I can honestly tell you they are both really nice and genuine people. They work on your weaknesses and make the training look easy and fun.

At the end of my 5 sessions I went in for my test and passed 1st time with grades 5,5!

Ged & Claire’s website offers a lot of help and some free videos. I found them to be available to talk to whenever I needed any advice.

I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to both Claire and Ged, I really appreciate all your help and advice."

Akbar Ali DVSA ADI (Nelson)

"When deciding to train as a Driving Instructor, it was important I met the person who would be training me before starting. On meeting Claire I could see she was a passionate lady, fully committed to running a successful business with her husband Ged. It wasn't long before I was studying for the Part One test and passed on my first attempt.

I did most of my Part Two training with Claire, she is very professional at her job and makes you work very hard to get the results you deserve. I passed Part Two first time with only 1 driver fault. I had not driven for a number of years before starting the course, so I was very encouraged by my achievement.

It was during my Part Three training that I really got to know Ged, and found him to be as equally impressive. His style of coaching really suited me, he was patient, encouraging, and took a real interest in my progress. The Part Three element of the course was very demanding, but after 40 hours of training I was ready for the test and I passed first time.

Thanks to Ged & Claire, I now feel confident and ready to be a successful Driving Instructor."

Chris Loder DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"It was back in April 2006 when I qualified as a driving instructor. Although I did a large portion of my training with a different trainer before meeting you, I was so extremely inspired and motivated to a whole new level when I invested in that all important extra training with you Ged. You came highly recommended to me - late but not too late - and I have never forgotten the real enthusiasm and relaxed confidence you had.

It's made me the instructor I am today and I am very proud of that...

Thanks Ged!"

Lee Bunn DVSA ADI (Chester)
Lee's Driving School

"After failing 2 attempts at the Part 3 test I was in doubt that I would ever be an ADI as I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and why I was failing. When I contacted Active Driving Solutions and spoke to Claire she immediately knew what was wrong and why I had failed both times. I wanted to book several training sessions but Claire told me that there was only one 3 hour session available between when I called in February and when my 2 year period to become an ADI was about to end at the end of May, the session was in early May. I took that session and have never looked back.

After driving down from Newcastle upon Tyne to Oldham and meeting up with Ged I knew that I had made the right decision to take that only available training session.

Ged got straight to the area of training that I needed help with and after only about twenty minutes of training with him I knew that this was going to be both money and time well spent.

The session was broke down into several segments and everything was recorded on an in car video system so that after the session I could bring the video home and watch the session over in my own time to see where I was going wrong and how to correct my problems following Ged’s advice. This is a great advantage over relying on writing notes or your memory because you get every last detail of the session on the video whilst concentrating on the session without worrying about forgetting something because you can easily rewind the video and watch to see problems occurring, how to identify the problem, why the problem was happening, how to correct the problem and how to stop the problem happening again. These are the core comps, which are a fundamental necessity to get you past Part 3, this is why I was failing because these hadn’t been properly explained to me until Ged explained them.

To cut a long story short, I went for my final attempt at Part 3 and PASSED, so now I am a qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor.

So if you want to become an ADI and you want to be sure that you’re being trained by the best you can get, then contact Ged or Claire at Active Driving Solutions. They have been training ADI’s for over 12 years, they have a fantastic reputation and track record, don’t just take my word for it read any of the testimonials on their website from some of the ADI’s that they have trained and you can see for yourself.

Many thanks!"

Trevor Bailey DVSA ADI (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Baileys Driving Solutions

"When I started training to be an ADI, I did my Part 1 and then one of my local trainers helped me a little and I passed my Part 2 test on the 2nd attempt.

Then came the real thing - Part 3. After many hours of training, I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. My local trainer told me if I can pass my Part 3 on the 2nd attempt, that’s very good. He also told me "don't worry if you don't pass on your 3rd attempt - you can try again after two years".

I didn't want to take any risks, and REALLY wanted to pass my Part 3 at the 1st attempt. As I was searching online for a good ADI trainer one day, I found Ged and Claire and watched one of their Part 3 videos. I then called Ged straight away – I knew they were the perfect people to help me.

I travelled from Newcastle upon Tyne to Oldham for training and help with Ged and Claire a few times. In my opinion they are the best!

With Ged and Claire’s help, I passed my Part 3 on the first attempt with grades 5-5!

I am really happy, and I would recommend Active Driving Solutions to anyone who wants to become an ADI."

Shohid Qureshi DVSA ADI (Newcastle upon Tyne)

"Passing with Claire and Ged...

I came across Claire and Ged’s website and was also recommended by friends, after trying twice to pass the Part three test with another trainer.

The hour’s journey to Oldham was well worth the effort as the training was progressive and interesting. The training given has not only helped me pass but has given me strong core skills that got me through the test and will help me grow and develop as a driving instructor.

Both Claire and Ged were able to pin point my strong and weak points and show me not only driving tuition but coaching skills which I now know is so important when teaching people to drive.

If you choose to go and train with them, I can personally assure you that you won’t be disappointed. The best thing is when you get home, you can have the same lesson over and over again for free as it is all video recorded for you to watch on your computer!

Both Claire & Ged are professional, hardworking and personable who love a challenge, I hope I’ll always stay friends with Ged and Claire because I’m missing them both already (I only qualified two weeks after writing this)."

Jo-Ann Salisbury DVSA ADI (Wirral)
JoJos Driving School

"As my brother (Mohammed Aflak) is already a Driving Instructor (who also trained with Ged and Claire) I asked him what I had to do to become a driving instructor, too. He told me the basics, e.g. training, tests, costs and I thought to myself, "I can’t do this, it sounds too hard". He told me not be worried and simply to contact Ged and Claire at Active Driving Solutions.

I met with Ged and he explained exactly what was involved. I still thought it would be hard work and I was very low on confidence but I decide to give it a go anyway and did the whole course with them. The training provided was suited perfectly to meet my needs and I was not left to my own devices.

The video recording of the training sessions is really helpful and the Active Driving Solutions website has a wealth of information for PDIs & ADIs especially the video section which simulates Part 3 test scenarios.

I would like say a big THANK YOU to both Ged and Claire for their time, effort, help, support and dedication for getting me through all the training and tests. They are very committed, professional, hardworking and good at what they do and they make a great team (they even play good cop, bad cop at times for continuous improvement!)

For me, training to become a driving instructor was not easy. Training was hard work but we did have fun and a few laughs along the way. The hard work paid off when I passed, with help from Ged and Claire.

Anyone interested in becoming a driving instructor, don’t go anywhere else - just contact Ged and Claire, I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Mohammed Altaf DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"I had been talking about becoming an ADI for past 6 years and finally decided to stop talking and start acting... but where to start?

My partner happened to come across Claire and Ged’s website one evening and pushed me to call them... 5 months later I am a qualified ADI!!

There is no way this would have been possible without Claire and Ged.

Previously, I had worked in Retail management for 21 years and had seen plenty of training styles but the training I received from them was second to none. Fantastic 1-to-1 training and all in car. The online training videos are not just an amazing tool but also offer you an insight into their complex and hilarious world (God they made me laugh at times!!). Their approach to training leaves you feeling relaxed but confident, their belief in you is infectious.

Claire, Ged, a massive thank you both. You were not just my tutors but have become friends too. Obviously Claire I will obviously be coming to you obviously for any check test and obviously any more obvious training that I will obviously need… Obviously so glad you obviously got me to stop saying the word ‘obviously’ because obviously I don’t say it any more!

Many thanks!"

Chris Lewis DVSA ADI (Bolton)

"I had trained with another company for a very long time but failed to pass the Part 3 test on 2 attempts. I had lost all confidence and needed help to gain it back.

I had tried to seek several trainers' advice but no one could give me confidence to go for the final attempt. Until one day, my friend told me that she passed her 1st attempt just after two training sessions with Ged. So I rang his office number and spoke with Claire. Her warm welcoming reply with detailed information about their lesson plan already made me feel their enthusiasm.

Ged identified my weaknesses quickly and tailor-made me an effective strategy to correct them. His amazing new innovative teaching method of video recording enabled me to review everything we did in the session, so that I could apply what I learnt to my pupils continually.

Ged's sense of humour made our lessons full of fun. His words are so powerful, it turned my zero confidence to 100% confidence. On the test day, I wasn't nervous at all just because I was fully prepared. Now I'm no longer afraid of role play.

I have passed simply because I found a good trainer. Not only have they given me support for going through my Part 3, Ged and Claire also still giving me on-going support as to be a better ADI.

A big thank you to my mentor Ged again.".

Sabrina Wong DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"After having been unsuccessful twice at my Part 3 test, I decided a fresh approach was needed. My original trainer felt that he had taken me as far as we could go in respect of qualifying and that was when I contacted Active Driving Solutions and spoke to Claire. After the telephone conversation, I booked a day's session with Ged having felt their approach was totally different to what I had previously experienced.

Travelling from the North East of England was well worth the journey. Ged's approach is friendly, caring, and very professional giving you a unique perspective on what is required on the Part 3 ADI exam. I came away feeling a new confidence. A most definite light bulb moment!

I put what I had learnt into practice and straight away my lesson plans changed and my techniques improved. After several months I booked another session with both Ged and Claire and immediately put in for my Part 3 exam - SUCCESS! I started my new career as a 'DVSA ADI'.

Ged and Claire are not only excellent trainers but have become two good friends.

Many thanks to Ged and Claire for their training and patience".

Joe Bootes DVSA ADI (Washington, Tyne and Wear)

"July 4th was my Independence Day as this was when I finally passed my Part 3 test. I couldn't have done it without Claire and Ged.

I had previously been training with one of the big schools and, like so many, was dissatisfied with the standard of training provided. I actually began to dread the training sessions and doubted my ability to pass the Part 3 test at all. My confidence plummeted.

I spent two days with Ged and Claire last October and began to realise that passing WAS a possibility after all.

Not only did they both boost my self-confidence but they taught me where I was going wrong and helped me to develop strategies to start putting the knowledge and skills in place. The analysis became easier and then it followed that getting the remedial action into place was much better. The 'watching' exercise was brilliant, as was help in delivering clear and concise instruction to the pupil in plenty of time.

Because the sessions are all video-recorded, being able to watch them back after returning home has been an incredibly helpful tool. And I was very reassured by having Claire accompany me on test day, too!

I'm now looking forward to getting my own driving school up and running.

Thank you again for your support, encouragement and wisdom. I couldn't have done it without you both."

Susan Bell DVSA ADI (Gloucester)

"Hi Ged & Claire,

Hope you are all doing great. I just wanted to let you both know that I passed my Part 3 test yesterday. The training videos you have both made are absolutely fantastic and were very instrumental towards getting me through this final hurdle in becoming an ADI, along with the one to one Part 3 training and session video recordings I had from you last year.

I have been through many so-called "big name instructor training schools" (you know the ones I am talking about), in the last 5 years to achieve this goal and I can honestly say the training and videos from both of you were absolutely THE BEST.

So a BIG THANK YOU GED & CLAIRE for what you instilled in me to becoming an ADI.

I look forward to coming to you both for Check Test training in the very near future.

Thank you sooo much! :)"

Anselm Rabindran DVSA ADI (Surrey)

"I started my training nearly 2 years ago with a local firm, after spending £1000's and using my own vehicle. I didn't feel like I was getting very far, they left me on my own for Parts 1 and 2 which (through my own hard work) I passed without their help. However, Part 3 was different. I needed quality help me to pass, and I didn't get it. I was on the road to total failure and didn't even realise it until I took my first Part 3 test and was left disappointed. My trainer did not show any support or concern before, during or after my test. My confidence was shattered and I didn't ever feel like I was going to pass the Part 3 in a million years. At times felt like throwing the books out the window... I'm so glad I didn't.

I came across Ged and Claire by watching their videos on YouTube and was amazed at the quality of their teaching. I visited their website and had a little look around and read the testimonials of previous trainees and at that point I thought, "well this is going to cost me another couple of thousands of pounds, and I simply don't have the money". However, I called Ged and asked him how it works - I was amazed. That one call made me realise that I STILL HAD A CHANCE! It was affordable, there was no huge big payments and no catches.

From total failure and achieving only a 3-3 on my first Part 3 test to getting a grades 6-5 after just 5 training sessions speaks for itself for the quality of Ged & Claire's training. They go beyond what they have to do. They don't do it for the money - a living yes, but not for greed like other firms.

I just wish that I had gone to them sooner. I would have saved a lot of money and would have passed a LONG time ago.

I would like to thank Ged and Claire, who are the best in the country at what they do. All credit for me passing my Part 3 goes to them. Thank you, and I hope many other trainees will also have the same success as I did, which I'm sure if they come to you, they will."

Haroon Khan DVSA ADI (Rochdale)

"Ged and Claire,

The past 6 months has been such a rollercoaster for me. With top quality training, a lot of patience and support from you both I passed all 3 tests, first time with grades 5-5! WHOOOOHOOO!!! Although I achieved a great result, I couldn't help but feel that I could have done better. When I went for my test I was aiming not just to pass, but to get a 6-6! Your training gave me the confidence and belief that that was achievable. I'll just have to make sure I get a grade 6 on my check test!

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you both. Putting your top quality training aside, you are both so kind, genuine and honest people. Thanks Ged for everything. You're a true professional with a calm manner, despite the amount of pop you drink! You made training so enjoyable.

And Claire - THANK YOU! You made me get through this mentally! The training was such a challenge for me and it's easy to let the pressure and stress get to you. Your encouragement and reassurances throughout made me recognise my capabilities. You are such an amazing person. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Really going to miss my Saturday lessons. I will just have to look forward to Check Test training - pencil me in! "

Laura Philcox DVSA ADI (Leeds)

"As a retired Police Officer with 25 years Road Policing experience I chose to embark on a new career as a Driving Instructor.

Having just passed parts 1, 2 & 3 in less than 4 months it’s clear that the time I spent researching the various training options and providers was invaluable. Ged & Claire’s Active Driving Solutions website packed with numerous glowing testimonials led me to contacting Ged by phone. From that initial conversation and subsequent meeting with Claire I was confident I’d found the right people to help me through the training.

My Part 3 training was in the main provided by Ged and proved to be a really rewarding and enjoyable experience. It was extremely well structured and delivered at a pace to suit me as an individual. His knowledge, patience and manner were second to none. There’s no doubt he knows how to coach the best out of you. I had a couple of sessions with Claire which also proved invaluable. Her approach merely complemented Ged’s and gave me the benefit and experience of a different trainer. It kept me on my toes.

On a personal note, the support and flexibility Ged gave me whilst coping with my mothers’ terminal illness right in the middle of my training helped to keep me on track.

A real big thank you to you both."

Mark Grummett DVSA ADI (Wilmslow)
Mark's Driving School

"Hi Claire & Ged,

Where do I start apart from saying an enormous “Thank You” to you both for the help and support you gave me in successfully passing my ADI Part 3 Test.

If it was not for your superb teaching skills I am sure I would not have passed, you filled me with hope and my confidence grew with each lesson we had and at no time did I ever leave your lessons feeling low or with an attitude off “I can’t do this”. Yes, it was hard work but well worth it in the end.

To all potential Driving Instructors out there: If you are looking for a highly qualified team to train you, look no further than Claire & Ged Willmot of Active Driving Solutions. Their professionalism is outstanding and their support after you have passed is a credit to them both. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would like to think my partner and I have also made two wonderful friends.

My only regret is I wish I had found you on the internet sooner, as I am sure I would have passed a long time ago.

Many Thanks."

Richie Woodcock DVSA ADI (Conwy, North Wales)

"I knew that I needed some quality tuition and support to get me through my ADI Part 3 test. I'd heard stories concerning some training provision that is available out there and I was very wary of who to approach. I didn't want to throw my 3 attempts away and waste money.

I found out about Ged and Claire via their training videos on YouTube. I took the plunge and spoke to Ged on the phone. I was so glad that I did. I enrolled and I haven't looked back. I come from a training background and I was very impressed with Ged's approach to driver training. Both Ged and Claire are professional, supportive and excellent trainers and coaches. They are terrific at building confidence as well as skill levels.

I took my Part 3 and passed first time with a 5-5 grade! I was elated and I am now ready to embark on my new career. If you are serious about becoming an ADI, don't commit to anything before you've at least spoken to Ged and Claire. They are excellent and I can't thank them enough."

Robin Howard DVSA ADI (Chorley)
Robin's School of Motoring

"I decided a few months ago to train as a driving instructor and was recommended to contact Claire & Ged. Having spoken to Claire on the phone I was immediately convinced by her enthusiasm and the warmth of her personality. My confidence was really low, having experienced difficulties with health and previous employment, but shortly after starting my training Claire made me feel so much more capable.

Both Claire and Ged are extremely good at their jobs, tailoring the instruction to suit my needs and always with a sense of humour. The lessons were really enjoyable and although I have now passed I will be keeping in contact and using their training for check tests etc.

I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of becoming a driving instructor."

Coralie Prossor DVSA ADI (Stockport)

"Hi Ged,

Just a message to say a great many thanks for rescuing me before I had to start my training all over again. When I started training as a driving instructor I never thought that I would still be struggling after 22 months with a well-known driving school.

Eventually I came to my senses and found someone who could train me properly, and that person was you. Within 8 weeks I passed my Part 3 test and was so thrilled!

If I had known better 2 years ago, I would have gone to you for Parts 2 and 3. You were patient, understanding of my needs and enthusiastic, and you certainly know your stuff.

Hopefully I will see you next year for my first check test.

Ged is truly an honest and sincere man, this is evident in his teaching, through his emotional support and concern for his pupils! Everyone should come to Ged and Claire, they are truly fantastic!"

Tia Lasok-Smith DVSA ADI (Chester)

"I enrolled with a big company for my ADI Training - after completing my training for all parts, I had passed Part 1 and 2, but had no idea about what Part 3 actually was!

I took out a PDI Trainee Licence with a small local company whose franchise was much less than the big company that I was with previously. I took a further 20+ sessions with a local trainer. Despite this extra training I had no idea what my strengths and weaknesses were, or how to improve. I had made some progress, but it was painfully slow and left me with no confidence or desire to take my Part 3 exam.

I had been watching Ged and Claire’s Part 3 training videos on YouTube for a while, but I didn’t realise I could contact them for training! My husband’s friend had qualified as a driving instructor some time ago, and said his trainers came highly recommended, so I was pleasantly surprised when my husband gave me the contact details for Ged and Claire – the same people I had been watching on YouTube!

After my first session with Ged, I wished I had come to him earlier! He was an excellent trainer, the sessions were productive, my weaknesses were highlighted, targeted and assessed and I was given valuable feedback and advice on how to improve. The role play was fantastic! The recording of the sessions is an invaluable tool, you can come home and watch back what you did and said, and review the advice and pointers given to you. The training was complete with excellent supplementary handouts and the option to buy access to the other Part 3 videos.

After just one session with Ged, I booked my Part 3 test and then took a second session before my test. I practiced what I had learnt with my pupils and a week later had passed my Part 3 FIRST TIME with a Grade 5 and 4! I was over the moon! I have since referred 2 of my friends to Ged, and will certainly be coming back to Ged for my Check Test training in the future!

Ged is truly an honest and sincere man, this is evident in his teaching, through his emotional support and concern for his pupils! Everyone should come to Ged and Claire, they are truly fantastic!"

Maleeha Anees DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"I started my journey to become a driving instructor in September 2010. I used a trainer that a driving instructor friend of mine recommended. I passed my Part 1 and Part 2 tests first time and went in for my Part 3 test in August 2011. My trainer had got me to a stage where I could be an ok driving instructor but hadn't taken the time to work out that my confidence level needed a lot of work and my work on core competencies were virtually non-existent due to my lack of understanding of ‘fault analysis’. Not surprisingly, I failed. My confidence went through the floor. I felt traumatised and so deflated, I couldn't see how I could get myself through the test and be a really good instructor. My husband had been so supportive of me, we had used a lot of our savings and I needed to find a solution.

I had watched Claire and Ged's work on Youtube and went about contacting them. Claire emailed me back within an hour of using their website’s contact form and arranged a convenient time to phone me for a chat. She was so lovely, she was understanding and encouraging and by the end of our call I felt sure I'd found the answer to my problem. Guess what? I HAD!!!!! Claire is so amazing. She built up my understanding of analysis. I was very poor at it before, she worked so hard, throwing in lots and lots of faults so I had to work really hard at putting the analysis and remedial action into practice. She always gave her all and I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she did for me. I also had a training session with Ged, which was great for me - he gave me some good advice on how to feel more positive about myself and my upcoming Part 3 test.

Claire came along with me on my test and she went out of her way to help make everything as relaxed as possible for me. The techniques she offered to help me relax worked really well and although I still felt anxious I managed to keep my nerves under wraps and passed my test. If I hadn't found Claire I honestly don't think I could have made it through the test, but most importantly she has helped me up my game and raise the standard of tuition I'll be passing onto my pupils.

I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to Claire and Ged. You're a truly amazing couple and your dedication and enthusiasm to your work is a credit to you and this is why people manage to go on to become Driving Instructors with your help.

Many thanks"

Ruth Jones DVSA ADI (Walsall)

"After failing my first Part 3 attempt, I rang Ged Wilmot from Active Driving Solutions. I had been feeling very disappointed and was feeling very low, but Ged gave me lots of encouragement and confidence.

I was training with an ex-examiner who promised to give one-to-one training, but that was not the case. He was training three of us at once, using our cars and we were only getting a 1 hour lesson in a week between us. When one of my friends failed all three Part 3 attempts (and with very bad grades), even the Senior Examiner told him to find a new trainer. It was too late for him, but I decided to change trainers after failing my first attempt. That was when I was lucky enough to find Ged Wilmot!

Ged was very booked up when I rang, so I couldn’t get my first training session in with him for five weeks. But it was worth the wait. As soon as my first session with him started, I knew I had made the right choice. Ged’s teaching methods and coaching skills he uses are out of this world, he is very friendly and we had a great laugh.

One of the best things about training Active Driving Solutions is that they video record all of your training sessions and that is a great help. When you watch the video back at home, you learn a lot - you realise what mistakes you have been making. They have also got videos on their website, they were a great help to me and if you use the methods in the videos you cannot go wrong.

Before meeting Ged, I got grades 3 & 3. But after training with Ged, I passed with grades 5 & 5 and there was lot sixes on the sheet, too! Ged Wilmot didn’t just help me to pass my part 3, but he made me a really good instructor. Don’t waste your time and money with big names or with cheap trainers, if any of you want to be a driving instructor I strongly recommend Active Driving Solutions to you, you can’t go wrong. Or if you have failed your first attempt like me you don’t need to feel disappointed, you are just a call away from success.

I cannot thank you enough Ged for getting me through Part 3, which I thought was mission impossible but you made it a piece of cake! Thanks a lot for making my dream come true. One last thing - when I passed my Part 3 test, in the same week Ged and Claire had five Part 3 tests and guess what? Five passes!"

Zaheer Abbas DVSA ADI (Todmorden)

"Thanks to Ged and Claire at Active Driving Solutions, I passed my parts one, two and three in a little over six months, and all three on my first attempt!

I was lucky to find Ged and Claire before committing to any training with any other companies. I was fortunate to train with both Ged and Claire, and found them both to be really friendly and supportive. Training was always fun and enjoyable, if lots of hard work. Sessions were always tailored to suit my individual needs, building my knowledge and confidence. I was able to work at my own pace, and was never made to feel silly if I got something wrong.

Throughout the course, Ged and Claire were both amazing! I can’t thank them enough for never giving up on me, even when I felt like I was never going to get there! All their support, guidance and encouragement really made the difference. Even now that I’ve passed my test, they are always there if I’ve any questions or concerns.

Thanks again Ged and Claire for all your help – you are both absolutely amazing!"

Natalie Cheshire DVSA ADI (Blackpool)

"I had initially started my driving instructor training with one of the largest companies in UK, which never provided me with a one to one session as they only train two trainees at a time.

The training was expensive and it cost me £3,000 for only 20 hours training in the car for Part 2. At the beginning the company told me that for this price I will be fully qualified. When I passed my Part 2, I asked for my Part 3 training. The company told me that I have to pay them again another £1,000 to get training for Part 3 which already I'd paid for. I stopped in the middle of my training. I was shocked because I'd had no money left on me to pay that.

Thanks to Ged and Claire with the helpful videos which I found on the YouTube. I'd watched them and got Ged's contact number and I rang him up. He gave me advice. My Part 3 I did with Claire. I was amazed by the way she taught me. I've passed my Part 3 on my first attempt thanks to her.

My advice is, if you wish to become a good driving instructor and save your money, go for your training with lovely Claire and Ged Wilmot. I assure, you will pass your test on first attempt like me. Good luck to everyone!!!"

Jumal Jaffari DVSA ADI (Preston)

"After reading the horror stories from people who tried training with some of the larger companies, I feel lucky to have found Active Driving Solutions before I made any commitments to other training companies.

Claire and Ged helped me through Part 1, 2 and 3 all in a little over 6 months by providing 1 to 1 training. All my training was carried out to suit my availability.

Throughout my Part 3 training, Claire not only worked hard on my core competencies, but helped with instructional advice and techniques, therefore giving me the best chance of passing my Part 3 test and becoming a good instructor.

I had the good fortune to receive instruction from both Claire and Ged and found both to be extremely professional and friendly, offering help and advice throughout.

I would strongly recommend Active driving Solutions to any PDI. A little research before you decide could save you months of training and thousands of pounds."

Phil McLean DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"Thanks to Ged & Claire at Active Driving Solutions, I've just passed Parts 1,2 and 3 (all at the first attempt) in less than 5 months!

Great instruction.

Great support.

If you're looking for expert training, I would strongly recommend Ged and Claire!"

Amanda Corrigan DVSA ADI (Stockport)

"After passing my Part 1 and 2 tests, I needed training for my biggest challenge… the Part 3 test. Following lots of research, I contacted Ged at Active Driving Solutions.

I cannot recommend any better organisation then Active Driving Solutions. Not only do Ged and Claire give 100% dedication to your training but they also are very pleasant and friendly.

I was hopeless at getting my words out and I was struggling with my confidence. Ged helped me a lot with my confidence.

Active Driving Solutions not only get you through your test but also make a good driving instructor out of you and also provide you with ongoing support - they are only a phone call away. I don't know of any other organisation which is willing to provide you with ongoing support after your training is finished.

I can't thank Ged enough for getting me ready for my Part 3 test in just two and a half months, and for helping me pass at the first attempt!

Thanks again Ged for all your help."

Mohammed Aflak DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"My journey to become an ADI started 2 years ago. It began with a driving school in Huddersfield who were offering what I thought at the time very cheap training and good value for money. I passed my part one and two.

The company offered 20 hours of part three training, however because it was 2-to-1 (which in effect meant I only got 10 hours training), I learnt absolutely nothing. I was never given a demonstration, and was asked to do the PST after reading some information in a file. They made me feel very stupid and inadequate when I couldn't do it to standard. The trainer and the other trainee gave nothing but negative feedback on my performance on the PST; and gave no encouragement. All this company wanted to do was get their trainees on a trainee licence and make money from them. I realised very quickly that this company were not very good value for money at all. With warnings from a friend I made while on the training, I stayed away from the trainee licence.

I went on and got training from another instructor locally to me. I did learn a lot from him, but it wasn't enough to build my confidence. I failed my part 3 test twice over the period of 6 months. I felt that my questioning technique and analysis were weak.

I was on my last attempt and running out of time so I thought "what can I do now?"

I heard about Active Driving Solutions though a very good friend who highly recommended Ged. I went on the website and read the testimonials, and thought ok let me send an email. I was contacted the following day by Claire. I had one three hour session from her and quickly realised this woman is going to push me. Straight away I knew I wanted more sessions; so I booked a few sessions over the course of a few weeks.

Although Claire pushed me with my core comps, she also built my confidence and helped me with my nerves! She gave me so much encouragement, she told me to take the word HOPEFULLY out of my vocabulary, because I was going to pass. She was fantastic! I was more than happy when Claire offered to sit in on my test; this really helped me with my confidence. Having someone there I TRUSTED, although I was really nervous it made all the difference, I PASSED!!

I would be happy to recommend Active Driving Solutions!!! If you want value for money this is where you should look. Do not waste your money on anyone else... don't be conned by the fancy advertising or cheap training packages!!

Finally, thank you Claire - you were brilliant, I appreciate all the help you have given me. I will be seeing you again in the future for your coaching workshop!!"

Fatima Hafeji DVSA ADI (Batley, West Yorkshire)

"Like so many other who have written testimonials here, I had embarked on a training course to become a driving instructor almost two years ago with a large school. My Part 1 and 2 training was excellent - why should Part 3 be any different?

To cut a huge story short, I was at "last chance saloon" with that company, so contacted Ged Wilmot at Active Driving Solutions for help.

I drove over 250 miles from the west of Scotland and stayed in a hotel overnight. In the morning, Claire showed up and not Ged. She told me that Ged was very sick and was sorry he wasn't able to make it. My thoughts for about 5 minutes were "don't know Claire, not sure I will get on with her or not". Then she proved me very wrong!

Claire was so friendly and professional. For the next two days she worked me hard, throwing in loads of things I was having difficulty with. Claire managed to keep me learning at the same time as sharing a few laughs. After the two days, my confidence and ability to get my words out were totally turned around.

Having the two days' training video recorded enabled me to spend the next week watching them over and then sit my Part 3 once again. I managed to pass this time!

Claire had a few final words to me "you're more than ready for this test, Paul. If you have any questions next week or next year I expect to hear from you, you're our student now". How many trainers would be happy to answer questions even years after you pass?

So if you're in the same boat and have phoned around trainers, you will know that there are cheaper trainers out there, however I believe you get what you pay for in this industry. It took 500 miles driving, two hotel nights and 2 days in car, but thanks to Claire it was worth every second and penny spent to now say "I am now an Approved Driving Instructor"".

Paul Cowin DVSA ADI (Helensburgh, Scotland)

"Hi Ged,

Just a quick but most sincere thank you for training me to get through my Part 3 test!!

I had wanted the best possible training for this and had heard some horror stories about numerous other Trainers, so I did my research on all the local providers. It soon became evident that GED WAS THE MAN.

Excellent feedback from various sources led me to contact him, and I was not disappointed.

Ged adopted a friendly but thoroughly professional approach, and his wealth of knowledge was invaluable.

At times when I was not quite hitting the mark, Ged was patient, flexible and positive, ensuring the right outcome from each session.

Consequently I passed! Once again, thank you Ged for your expertise and dedication."

Paul Moorcroft DVSA ADI (Saddleworth)

"I had been wanting to become a driving instructor for some time, but couldn't decide who to go to for my training. I went along to meet with one company to discuss training with them, but it felt like all they wanted was my money and didn't really care much about their students. It was like there was no personal feeling to the place. I didn't know where to turn to and felt like giving it up as a totally bad idea.

Then luckily, through fate, I bumped into an old friend who had just become an ADI. He told me about Ged and couldn't speak highly enough of him. So having passed my Parts 1 and 2 with my friend's help, I then decided to call Ged to find out what was so great about him and what made him so different to everyone else.

We spoke on the phone briefly and organised to meet at a time that suited me. On arrival for the first training session, I was very unsure what to expect, but was surprised firstly to find out all the training was on a one to one basis and how Ged treated me like a person and not a pound sign. We hit it off straight away and as well as being my trainer we became good friends and shared some good laughs. That made my sessions something I really looked forward to.

Ged works at your pace and always filled me with confidence that I would pass. And I did! I got a near perfect score of 5-6. Now I'm doing what I've wanted to do for years and really enjoying it. Even to this day, if i ever need any help or advice I know I can ring Ged or Claire to get it.

I can't thank them enough. I feel so lucky that I never wasted my money on anyone else!!"

Lee Napier DVSA ADI (Droylsden)

"It is with great satisfaction that I can write this testimonial because it proves that my thorough research and good judgements have come to fruition.

Before I embarked on this career as a Driving Instructor I made sure that I was going to get the best advice on where to look for someone to train with. I was looking on the internet at all the well-marketed ADI Training providers and quickly realised that a lot of them were simply getting clients onto the books and not really showing any enthusiasm and passion for the work they were doing, and charging a premium too.

I then decided to start emailing and phoning people to see who was in my area and who they could recommend. I was phoning professional organisations like magazine publishers and suppliers of ADI related products to see what the industry thought. One name kept coming back time and time again, and that was Ged Wilmot Of Active Driving Solutions. This was nearly all I needed to get the training underway, all that was missing was that I had to meet him and see if we got along...well guess what... we did, and I am pleased to say that not only is he an extremely talented and effective trainer but I can proudly say that we have become good friends too.

People have different styles of learning and benefit from methods suited to them. My particular strength is a practical one, and I seldom benefit from reading books and training aids. Ged saw this with me and was able to adapt my training sessions to suit my learning style.

Now I do admit that I didn't put in the hard work that he was stressing was important to get through my training (and most importantly my Part 3 - The Test of Instructional Ability) but even with a lost soul like me he somehow managed to not only get me through my Part 3 test, but at the first attempt too! I surprised everyone including myself, but due to Ged's training methods, the content I learned and retained somehow got me through and I will be forever thankful for the efforts Ged made to get me ready.

I will be taking further training with Ged in the near future on one of his ADI Coaching Workshops. Again, I have done some extensive research into coaching and decided that my own driving school (www.brightstardrivingschool.com) would benefit from using these methods, and ultimately enhance the driving skills and attitude of my future students."

Alan Dickinson DVSA ADI (Rochdale)

"I had initially started my driving instructor training course with one of the large companies, which never provided me with a one-to-one session as they only train two trainees at a time. The training was expensive and of no benefit because my time was always shared. Training sessions were only ever given during the week which made it difficult for me as I currently work full time, so to make use of any of the lessons I had already paid for I had to take annual leave.

Although my training was not as bad as some of the horror stories I have heard, I had failed twice and needed to find a trainer who had the 'edge'. I went on to search the internet as I only had a couple of months left before my 2 years were up. This search led me Active Driving Solutions. I contacted Claire and after the initial phone call which was very informative, I started training on the following Saturday.

I learnt something new on every training session . Hints and tips were given on each lesson which was helpful. I was not only trained to pass Part 3 but to be a good driving instructor. Another advantage of being trained by Claire was all our sessions were recorded and them later emailed, which meant after each session I could listen back to it so I never forgot anything. In the future, all I need to do is play the recordings and it will feel like Claire is sat right next to me again!

The training I received from Claire was second to none. Throughout the whole training Claire had not once doubted me, she always had faith in me. I will definitely be returning to Claire for Check Test training and I will also be attending the ADI Coaching courses they offer.

I would recommend Claire at the drop of a hat to anyone that is thinking about becoming an ADI. Don't waste money or time on the larger companies. With Active Driving Solutions you get one-to-one training and get the personal touch from a very qualified instructor.

I really appreciate all the time, effort and moral support Claire offered.

I cannot thank Claire enough."

Samina Majeed DVSA ADI (Sale, Cheshire)

"I paid out £3650 to one of the big schools (guess who) the training I received was rubbish. I hadn't done all the PST's and was advised to apply for my Part 3 test.

I knew I had to have more training, so went about contacting other ADI trainers. I failed all three attempts of my Part 3 test with these other trainers and, having wasted thousands of pounds, I had to re-start the training process again.

After passing Parts 1 and 2, I contacted Active Driving Solutions via the contact page on their website. I received a call the very next day from Claire and we arranged to meet for Part 3 training. By now I could see who the good trainers were and who weren't, as i knew very well what the examiners were looking for.

Within 10 minutes of me having training with Claire I realised she is brilliant with her faults, much better than the examiners - she was so fast! Claire started to show me how to control the examiner and started working on my core comps.

I knew immediately that I had made the right choice and I also knew that if I could beat Claire at this Part 3 game, I could go out and beat any examiner in the UK.

Claire really bought out my confidence and not only taught me to pass Part 3 but to be a good instructor too. I took my Part 3 test and got PST 7. The grade I got was 5-4, which i was very happy with, but deep down I knew I could have done a lot better than that. I passed 1st time with Claire - brilliant training.

If anyone reading this would like to become a Driving Instructor then please contact Active Driving Solutions and stay away from the big schools who just want your money and then don't care.

Most ADI trainers can't wait till training time is finished so they can go home. On my training, Claire always went over training time and offered me feedback which went well over time. That was really nice of her as she had a young family to go home to.

Thank you Claire for being a great teacher and for keep pushing me and playing a hard pupil, really enjoyed my training with you and the great laughs we had.

If it wasn't for you I probably would not have made it."

Mani Khan DVSA ADI (Nottingham)

"My friends, my wife and family all told me that my calm temperament and patience should make me a good driving instructor. When I started training with Ged and Claire they complemented me on this as they encouraged me throughout my training sessions.

No matter how I felt at the beginning of the day, I would always leave after every training session feeling happy and inspired.

It very quickly became obvious to me Ged and Claire are not in it just for the money. To make a living, yes, most of us have to, but their aim is to give the best possible training they can.

Their enthusiasm seems to know no bounds. I can only imagine how many times they have 'sat up with the oil lamp' to get where they are now. With so many years of experience, the invaluable little tips and pointers they add in along the way go far beyond just passing the 'Part 3'. I now have a fantastic set of these tips etched in my brain that will help me tremendously as an instructor and help my pupils become better drivers.

There were times when I didn't pick up things straight away, or forgot some points we had already covered, but I never felt daft for doing so. Sometimes we might pause, smile, backtrack a little and with careful prompting the info' I needed would come back to me.

Between them they have helped me develop an 'edge' which was something I definitely needed. My calm temperament and patience are still there sitting comfortably beside my new confident 'edge'. It was all part of an incredibly skilful adaptive learning process.

Needless to say I've passed now, and I am very happy too!

Thank you very much Ged and Claire. I wish you both the very best.

Time for looking at cars and looking at options.

If I suddenly went back in time and had to start now from square one... well I think you know what I would do!

So if you are thinking of a new career as a driving instructor.... from your initial conversation with either Ged or Claire you'll know you've made the right first move."

Barrie Sanderson DVSA ADI (Macclesfield)

“My name is Adnan Malik. My nickname is Adi - it means 'Approved Driving Instructor'. My dream was to be a driving instructor. I paid a huge amount to a large training school. They did not provide me with proper training, and because of that I was feeling disillusioned and almost gave up.

My friend told me to call Claire Wilmot. My training throughout Part 3 was Claire, so what makes her special? She has a fantastic attitude, she supported me a lot. As a professional she is absolutely brilliant, as a person she is wonderful.

My dream never came true without Claire's help and support. Claire is the best. Thank you for changing my life! Now I am an ADI yehhhhh!!!

I highly recommend Active Driving Solutions for ADI Training, please call Claire now!"

Adnan ('Adi') Malik DVSA ADI (Manchester)

“Many thanks to Claire Wilmot of Active Driving Solutions for all her patience and hard work to train me to be a Driving Instructor. It all started about 10 months ago when I mentioned to my wife Suzi that I fancied being a Driving Instructor. Just 10 months later, with the professional help and support of Claire my dream to be a Driving Instructor came true and I passed my Part 3.

I would highly recommend Claire Wilmot for anyone who wants to train to be a Driving Instuctor she is fantastic at her job !!!!!! Thanks so much Claire."

Paul Dunn DVSA ADI (Matlock)

“A few years ago, I started training with a well-known driving school, hoping to fulfil my dream of becoming a driving instructor. It didn’t go well. I was left feeling devastated and the dream hopeless and unachievable. It took a long time to get the courage to try again.

I knew that I didn’t want to go back with my previous trainer and searched for alternatives – that’s when I found the Active Driving Solutions website. I filled in the online enquiry form and shortly afterwards took the call that changed my life! Speaking with Claire was something different - she really understood my position, and after talking with her was convinced I was making the right decision to try and achieve my dream once again.

I trained with Claire, passing Parts 1 and 2. Both Ged and Claire then guided me through Part 3, the sessions were both intense and enjoyable and along with hours of home study and the benefit of a trainee licence, I passed my Part 3 in April. And I still can’t believe it!!

I simply cannot put into words how grateful I am to you both, especially to you Claire - there were times when it seemed impossible but you were always there with unwavering support, guidance and encouragement (and a few laughs along the way!). I owe my fantastic new career to you!

To anyone reading this who wants to become a driving instructor please do not go ANYWHERE before contacting Ged and Claire!

Massive thanks again to you both."

Sue Babinski DVSA ADI (Manchester)

“Do you believe in magic? Well, with their own blend of unique magic, Ged and Claire are not magicians… or illusionists… they are miracle workers!

I was training with a local ADI Trainer for around 12 months, and after failing the Part 3 exam twice, I needed help, and knew something wasn’t right. Although my trainer told me I was good and that failing was just down to test nerves, my confidence was at rock bottom and my self-belief was shattered. My nerves and I were on the verge of despair – I was being told I knew everything, yet I was failing. What was going on?!

I decided action was required, so who did I call? The ‘Part 3 Busters’ of course, also known as ‘Active Driving Solutions’!

This unique ADI team not only taught me the black and white of driver tuition, but also the grey areas – those little gold nuggets of information. And for this I am extremely grateful, as this increased knowledge has already proved very useful.

I soon became much more confident under Ged and Claire’s care; they don’t just get into the car and teach you, these two really care about each individual. You’re not a number, you’re a person. I can honestly say that out of all the people I have met and spoken to, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable and dedicated to driver training as these erudite individuals. Incidentally, I took my Part 3 test and PASSED!!

Anyone who is seriously considering a career as a driving instructor would be well advised to take their training with Active Driving Solutions.

P.S. Ged and Claire, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me into the instructor that I am today. In reflection, had I passed first or second time I would never have met you, and therefore not have the depth of knowledge that I have now. Thank you."

Craig Bailey DVSA ADI (Burnley)

“As my cousin was already an ADI up in the Lake District, he advised me to steer clear of the larger training establishments and not to underestimate how much hard work I would have to undertake to be successful.

Having already passed my Part 1 and 2, I was advised by several people on an online Driving Instructor Forum to contact Active Driving Solutions to complete my training and I'm so glad I did! I passed my Part 3 test in December.

Ged and Claire Wilmot are both true professionals, providing excellent training along with a friendly approach. Their attention to detail and infectious enthusiasm has given me the confidence to go out there and be a successful ADI.

This isn't just a job for Ged and Claire, it's a vocation!

I'd strongly recommend Active Driving Solutions to anyone seriously considering becoming a driving instructor."

Jim O'Connor DVSA ADI (Mossley)

“Last year, I was made redundant after 10 years of working as cabin crew. Around that time, I had been thinking of changing my career as I now had two small children and needed more suitable working hours. My friend Sadie is a driving instructor working for Latics, and she recommended I contact Active Driving Solutions for my training.

I contacted Claire Wilmot at Active Driving Solutions and trained with her until I passed my Part 1 and Part 2 tests. Claire and Ged both helped and guided me through my Part 3 training, and in May this year I took out a trainee licence which, along with the excellent training I received, gave me the confidence and experience to pass the Part 3 test on my 1st attempt!

I cannot stress enough how professional, patient and supportive Ged and Claire are. I thoroughly enjoyed my training sessions and gained valuable knowledge and experience which I am now passing on to my pupils!

I would just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Ged and Claire for helping me launch my new career and would highly recommend Active Driving Solutions to anyone wanting to become an ADI."

Louise Skeldon DVSA ADI (Oldham)

“If you want to become an ADI more than anything, and get your hands on your green badge, call Ged and Claire now! Training with them is the best decision I have ever made. The training is second to none; they are incredibly professional, sincere and I now class them as good friends.

I wanted the personal touch from my training, not to feel like a number in a system. I did a lot of research into different companies to try and get a feel for what they could offer me; many of them were so obviously after my money and nothing more. I honestly feel that I would have just been a number and would have struggled really hard to pass Part 3 had I gone with any of the larger companies.

Right from the start I had the feeling that Ged and Claire were genuine, honest people who had my best interests at heart. My feelings were right - throughout all of my training with Ged, he made me feel like I could succeed, and inspired me to achieve my goals. He built me up and gave me confidence in myself and my abilities. His patient, friendly approach suited me perfectly.

Both Ged and Claire are always on hand (even now I've qualified) if I ever need advice or help with any of my pupils or if I have any questions. Their training goes beyond just getting you your green ADI badge.

I miss our training sessions, we had such a good laugh even though they were hard work and at times I really doubted myself. The extra studying time is quite demanding, but worth the effort. Going on the trainee licence helped me out big time too; putting it all into practice and making me feel good about what I was doing.

It is definitely down to Ged’s teaching ability, his patience and personality, (and some hard work on my part) that I passed all three parts of the ADI qualification first time!

I just about believe it now... I am an ADI!"

Lisa Aylwin DVSA ADI (Alderley Edge)

“If you’re reading this wondering if a career as a Driving Instructor is the right one for you then I’d say ‘think hard, think hard again, and then think about it some more’. The training isn’t easy and requires a lot of time, commitment and effort.

If, however, you’re reading this thinking ‘should I do my training with Active Driving Solutions?’ then I’d say, ‘Yes! Yes again! And don’t even THINK about going anywhere else!’

Ged and Claire Wilmot are both superb, professional and excellent ADI Trainers (and they’re both really nice people as well!).

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been trained by Ged (himself a top-grade ADI trainer) and believe it was due to his unfailing support and encouragement that I managed to achieve a 5-5 on my first attempt at the Part 3 test. Oh, and I worked, studied and practiced quite a bit, too!

The hours spend with Ged in the car always seemed to whizz by, filled with questions (mine), limitless patience (his) and lots and lots of laughter (ours). Every session was a pleasure and I ALWAYS came away with increased understanding of the subject matter and confidence in my ability to teach it. Through his kindness, sense of humour and friendly personality, Ged finally made an ADI out of me.

So I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thanks Ged, you really are the Ged-I of ADI Training!’"

Jane Beswick DVSA ADI (Saddleworth)

“When I decided to become a driving instructor, I contacted a few large instructor training companies but all I got were "sales people" contacting me day after day. All they seemed to be interested in was signing people up and getting their fee rather than successfully getting people through the course.

My former driving instructor then recommended that I do my training with Active Driving Solutions - she said that Claire and Ged were great and much better than the national companies. So I gave them a call and went to meet with Claire... and I am so glad I did!

As I worked full time as a Personnel Officer, I was only able to do my training on Saturday mornings – a service which many of the national companies weren’t able to offer. It took me just over a year to complete the training part time. Not only were Claire and Ged fantastic trainers but they became good friends along the way. They gave me confidence in myself and they really care about each and every student passing the course.

By no means is becoming an ADI an easy ride - you have to put a lot of time and effort into the training. But with Claire and Ged’s experience, they help you through every stage - with many giggles along the way! I finally passed my Part 3 test last week and what a great feeling it is that I can now work flexible hours to suit me and my family and say “bye bye” to the boring office job!

I can honestly say that Claire and Ged are both experienced and professional trainers. They helped me through many rocky times when I wanted to give up and gave me all the support and encouragement to get me through Part 3.

I can’t recommend them enough. Thank you both for everything!"

Marie Law DVSA ADI (Rochdale)

“When I first started training to become a driving instructor, I had signed up with a large national company (guess who!). The training provided for Parts 1 and 2 was reasonable, but I still ended up having to work hard myself at gaining the required knowledge and skills to pass both exams.

Then came Part 3 - this is where you need a good quality ADI Trainer to teach you the required skills, not just to pass the Part 3 exam, but also to be a good day-to-day instructor. Sadly this did not happen, and after two failed attempts, I didn’t know who to turn to.

I then came across Ged at Active Driving Solutions (the Guru of ADI Trainers!). Ged taught me all the skills required to be a great instructor, and without any doubt it’s because of Ged (plus a lot of hard work) that I passed my Part 3 test with grades 5–5, and was very close to getting a 6-6.

So please don’t waste your time, effort and money with anyone else other than Active Driving Solutions.

Thanks so much Ged!"

Matt Colligan DVSA ADI (Wirral)

“When I first decided I would like to train as a driving instructor I trawled the internet looking for information about the best Driving Instructor training schools and the best support. I contacted lots of different schools, most of them being the big national ones.

All of them sent me information packs which looked very impressive but when I rang to speak to someone about the course it was like being sold ‘double glazing’. It was all about selling their product and not about what was best for me. I am still being haunted with sales calls from them.

I found Active Driving Solutions on the ORDIT section of the DVSA’s website, and emailed them for some information. Claire rang me the same day and we had a long chat about what it was I wanted, then she asked if we could meet to discuss it some more. This was more like it... somebody who was interested in if it was the right move for me and not just taking my money.

I signed up with Claire straight away, she put me at ease and it just felt right. Both Claire and Ged are very professional and give you all the encouragement and support that you need. Learning to be a Driving Instructor is not easy but both Claire and Ged have the patience, knowledge and enthusiasm to guide you through to success.

I can’t thank you enough for making a tough task seem easier and achievable. I passed my Part 3 test with grades 5-6, a near perfect result!"

Sharon Meredith DVSA ADI (Heywood)

“Thank you very much for your help and support to enable me to pass Part 3. I came to you on recommendation after contacting John Farlam for help and I am so pleased I did. I had gone about as far as I could with my existing training organisation and honestly feel that I would have failed my third attempt without your guidance.

Your “watch the pupil” session was a revelation and I still think of that session every time I am with my real pupils and watching them carefully deal with T-junctions. This was the turning point in my training and from then on it just got better. You made a significant difference to my Q&A technique and I started to enjoy rather than endure the role play even though I found this aspect very hard. I started to believe that I could actually pass Part 3.

Your training sessions are intensive and demanding and not for the faint hearted! However, you are always positive and primarily worked to build my confidence. My result of 5-6 is down to that confidence you instilled in me.

You not only got me through Part 3, but you have been a powerful role model as a professional instructor and coach. I look forward to our next training session in preparation for my first check test.

Many thanks once again!”

Phil Padfield DVSA ADI (Sheffield)

“I had wanted to become a driving instructor for several years, and with increased job insecurity with my employer, I signed up with one of the so-called “big names” in ADI Training at the end of 2006. I completed Parts 1 and 2 with this company, then moved on to Part 3 and had two extremely unsuccessful attempts. At this stage, I began to think this was an impossible test to pass and I would never achieve my dream.

I was then informed that I was to be made redundant, so with only one attempt left, passing my ADI Part 3 test was no longer a dream but a necessity. I sat down and thought things through and came to the conclusion that the problem might not lie with me after all, and that my test failures could indeed be down to the poor training that I had received.

I looked around on the internet for an alternative ADI Training provider, and rang a local company - Active Driving Solutions. I spoke to Claire who said that Ged could fit me in for an assessment one Saturday morning. That was a truly life changing phone call…

I remember turning up for my assessment with my 2 past test marking sheets that Ged had asked me to bring along. He then completed a short assessment and within minutes, Ged highlighted exactly what needed to be done. I was truly amazed at what I had learned within the first three hour session (loads more than I had learned with the other company after hours of so-called ‘training’). Ged is truly an amazing and inspirational trainer and with what I had at stake, I knew I was in safe hands!

The training was all one-to-one, challenging, rewarding and without doubt First Class!! Ged just simply inspires you!!! With my final test date looming, Ged gave me all the confidence and skills I needed and I passed with fantastic grades, 5 – 5!

Ged has truly changed my life and I’m extremely lucky he agreed to take over my training. It’s only too apparent to me why Ged is known as the “God of ADl Training”!

Tony Spence DVSA ADI (Oldham)

“I first met Ged through a recommendation from one of his previous success stories, John Davies. When I asked him about becoming a driving instructor, he said to me "Promise me you won't go to anyone else until you've met Ged". I am so glad I listened and took his advice!

On the way to my first training session I was very nervous and unsure of what to expect. As soon as the session started, Ged's calming and encouraging nature had me feeling I could actually do this! As the weeks progressed I passed Part 2 on my first attempt which was thanks to both Ged and Claire who was also there to help with my training.

As Part 3 loomed, the teaching methods and continued guidance instilled in me the confidence I needed to do it. I passed on my first attempt!! I couldn't believe it and still can't. If it wasn't for Ged and Claire's confidence in me I would still be a PDI too scared to take the final step.

I owe my fantastic new career as an ADI to Ged. So, I will give anyone the advice I was first given...

...Promise me you won't go to anyone else until you've met Ged.”

Sian Tuckley DVSA ADI (Chester)

“I had looked into becoming a driving instructor in the past, but everyone constantly told me how hard it was to pass the tests and how expensive it would be. With a family to support, I thought that it could never happen.

I contacted the DVSA ORDIT department because I had applied for another job for which I needed to improve my driving skills and couldn’t find anybody willing to help me. They gave me the number for Active Driving Solutions. I spoke to Claire immediately and arranged to go on a driving assessment with Ged. I now know how lucky I was to have found them.

The job I was originally planning on never came about. But my driving had improved as a result of my training with Ged. I contacted him to let him know about my changing job situation and just asked him if they would train me to be a driving instructor, to which he agreed. I was stunned - someone actually had faith in me. Now I really wanted to become a driving instructor!!!

Claire talked through all the options and explained everything to me. I contacted other training companies and after asking them many questions, I knew none of them could match what Ged and Claire had to offer. I started my training in April this year and passed my Part 1 test. I passed my Part 2 test in July with just three minor faults. After completing my Part 3 training with Ged, I went on a trainee licence and took my Part 3 test in November, passing first time with a 5-4. All in just 8 months!!!!

I could not have asked for better instruction, support or help than I have had from Ged and Claire. To know that they were on the other end of the phone at times when I needed them was fantastic. It has been extremely hard work. The lessons have been taxing and hilarious at times. Even when I doubted my ability to pass, Ged and Claire have been extremely encouraging throughout.

I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone thinking of becoming a driving instructor. They say you never ever forget a good teacher. I will always remember Ged and Claire as being the best.

I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough to them for helping me through. So to anyone thinking of becoming an ADI, don’t go to anyone else for your training!!!”

Frank Walsh DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"As I sit writing this testimonial sat on ‘cloud nine’ after passing my Part 3 test at the first attempt, I can now reflect on the top quality training I received with Active Driving Solutions.

I first heard of the company through Latics Driver Training with whom my son was having driving lessons. I started my Part 2 training with Geoff; the valuable advice and guidance he gave helped me through Part 2 qualification. Then after speaking to a number of people, it soon became apparent that Ged at Active Driving Solutions was the man to guide me through Part 3.

His commitment and encouragement was superb, the training sessions were at times demanding and ‘taxing on the brain’, but really enjoyable. His instructional techniques used were of great benefit. I also found helpful his availability to answer any questions or concerns outside the training sessions.

As my Part 3 test date loomed, my confidence dipped but Ged has this talent for building you up to reach your full potential, and was really tuned in to any concerns I had.

After my successful test, whilst speaking to the DVSA Senior Examiner, it became clear what faith he also puts in Ged’s training and development skills. I’m so glad I made the right choice. What a true ambassador for the profession.”

Steve Halley DVSA ADI (Manchester)

“Becoming a driving instructor was something I had thought about for a few years but I was always in the comfort zone. Working in a factory environment was the easy option and too much of a gamble to leave. However, with the threat of redundancy I decided to take the plunge and do something I really wanted to do instead of something I had to do.

After looking into it all and reading all the information and brochures from the big companies, I decided to investigate more local training providers, and contacted Claire Wilmot at Active Driving Solutions. I can safely say that was the best decision I ever made. From the first informal meeting with Claire I knew straight away that I had my found exactly what I was looking for. I felt really positive about starting a brand new career and decided to sign up almost immediately. Claire was so helpful and answered all my questions without any hard sell, even advising me to talk to other training companies, giving me a list of questions to ask them. I didn’t need to – I had already made up my mind.

I was introduced to Ged mid-way through my Part 2 training, I was a little apprehensive at first as I’d done all my work so far with Claire. I needn’t have worried, the training for Part 3 was just as enjoyable and he also has the knack of knowing just where you’re going wrong and how to get you going again. At times it was really difficult but he got me seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

With Ged’s ongoing support, I worked on a trainee licence (which I found extremely helpful), giving me the confidence to realise that I could actually do the job well. I passed my Part 3 test with a brilliant 5-5, which just shows the high level they will get you to.

I’d like to say a big thanks for all the help and advice I received. I would (and already have) recommend Ged and Claire to anybody thinking of becoming an ADI.

Paul Mills DVSA ADI (Oldham)

Just before enquiring about Driving Instructor Training through one of the large training establishments, a friend passed me Ged's telephone number. I didn’t like the idea of training with one or two other students in car at the same time as me, so Ged's one-to-one approach really appealed to me.

When I first met Ged my heart was pounding like being on my first date (!) but that soon disappeared with the calm relaxing atmosphere Ged creates. This continued throughout the whole of my training. He was always willing to help me out, whether I was in Oldham during training or via the telephone or email whilst I was studying at home.

Having initially doubted my ability to become an ADI, Ged soon made me believe I was "up for the job" - never being negative (apart from making comments about Liverpool FC’s front line!). But seriously, he always instilled confidence in me and made me believe I really could pass my Part 3 exam.

I easily passed my Part 3 test at the first attempt and without doubt it was thanks to Ged (and Claire!). If you are thinking about training with Ged, you are backing a winner and a true professional.

Thanks again!

Marc O’Brien DVSA ADI (Birkenhead)

““WOW!”, “Wonderful!”, “Outstanding!”, “Worthwhile!” - Just a few words to describe my training experience with Active Driving Solutions, and with Claire and Ged in particular.

Having had a bad experience with my previous trainers from a supposedly reputable company, I was directed towards Claire Wilmot of Active Driving Solutions.

At this point I had already passed my Part 1 and 2 examinations, but because I had not enjoyed my Part 2 training with my original provider, I was very confused and was seriously considering discontinuing with the course altogether.

With a great deal of hesitation, I decided to give Claire a ring. Following my previous experience, I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed my first training session with her, which encouraged me to continue training towards a career as a driving instructor. Claire gave her best in every session I had with her and I progressed rapidly as every session was utilised effectively.

To my horror, Claire advised me that she would be taking a long break from work to have a baby and therefore Ged was to take over with my Part 3 training. I reluctantly agreed, but once again to my surprise, within the first half hour of training with Ged, I was totally at ease! He is equally as professional as Claire, and to my joy my training was able to continue from where Claire had left off. Each of Ged’s training sessions were tailored for my needs and presented in a very calm and relaxed manner.

I passed my Part 3 test first time with the grades 5-6 - what an achievement!

This was all down to the excellent training given by Claire and Ged.

What can I say but a big “THANK YOU!” to you both - you have made this career an enjoyable one. When I watch my pupils drive I can see your teaching in them and this always brings a smile to my face”.

Robina Qureshi DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"Deciding to become a driving instructor was something I had thought about doing for almost 6 years and I finally started my journey about 3 years ago. After getting 'ripped off' by the company I initially chose (they decided to cease trading), I was questioning whether it was right for me. I was somewhat despondent and unsure about continuing with training.

Not wanting to be put off, I started to look around for a more local trainer and came across Claire through Latics Driver Training. After talking to her I was convinced I had found my training provider. I passed my Part 1 with Active Driving Solutions in November and immediately started working towards passing Part 2. With Claire and Ged's help, I ironed out my bad habits and passed shortly afterwards.

I was soon on the way with my Part 3 training and was absolutely loving it all. My sessions seemed to be made to fit my needs and level and I was reading and watching everything I could get my hands on. Ged was very patient with me and always encouraging. As we were going through my training and coming towards my 40 hours, I knew myself that I wasn't fully ready; Ged talked to me about going onto a trainee licence which I 'obviously' agreed to and by the end of April I was taking out my first two pupils. I couldn't stop smiling to myself for nearly a week! Ged continued to persevere with me and bingo... on August 21st I passed first time with a 4/5 result - I was absolutely over the moon!

There are very few words that could express the gratitude I have for Ged and Claire, they are both excellent professional trainers, and should anyone be considering taking on training but were unsure of where to start I can only say..... CONTACT GED AND CLAIRE. Thank you both so much for helping me get to this stage and I'm looking forward to my Check Test training with you."

Mark Oliver DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"Having been with a large national organisation for a while doing my Part 3 training, I realised it wasn’t going to be enough to get me through. I needed a more personalised approach to my training.

It was then that I had the great fortune to meet Claire. I had approached her to see if she would take me on trainee licence, which thankfully she did. What I didn’t realise is what a great trainer I had found in the process!

Claire’s training was just what I needed; she works hard to help you achieve your full potential and brought out in me more than I could possibly have imagined. She gives fantastic feedback and a detailed analysis after every exercise. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed every training session I had with Claire and went away having learned something new every time, and with a better understanding of what I needed to do to pass.

Half way through my training I also had a couple of sessions with Ged. He brought a different approach to things and tested me in a different way, but again I gained more knowledge that saw me through the Part 3 test.

Throughout my training, both Claire and Ged gave me the confidence I needed to feel I could actually pass. Prior to this, qualifying as a Driving Instructor had just felt like a distant dream. I cannot thank them both enough, especially Claire, who put in the hours for me and was always there with advice any time I needed it.

My result of 5-5 is more that I could have hoped for and a great platform to launch what I hope will be a successful career as an ADI.

Attaining the green badge has been a long road for me, it looked like it was going to be a rocky one. Then I met Claire and Ged and the road suddenly felt like it had been covered with tarmac and was a lot smoother.

Thanks very much, you can rest assured I will be back for Check Test training."

Geoff Duxbury DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"Becoming a Driving Instructor had been something I had thought about for a number of years as I thought it would be a challenging and rewarding career. I decided now was the time to make a change in my life and start training.

I had already passed my Part 1 when I started looking for somebody to help me with my Part 2 and 3. I didn't have a personal recommendation on which ADI trainer to choose, so I put a lot of time and thought into my choice before parting with my money. I had spoken with numerous other trainers but never felt confident they were the right people to teach me. After talking with Claire however, I knew Active Driving Solutions was a company that genuinely wanted me to succeed as an ADI and weren't just after my money.

I started my Part 2 training with Geoff. He taught me a lot on how to become a safer driver. His calm manner and instructional techniques (which I were soon to learn all about in Part 3) were instrumental in getting me through the exam.

Ged took over my training for Part 3. I was quite apprehensive and unsure of what to expect but Ged made me feel at ease straight away and gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could pass. Ged's positive encouragement and professionalism as a teacher made me leave each session feeling pleased with what I had achieved and looking forward to the next.

I am now working as an Approved Driving Instructor and am thoroughly enjoying my new career. I am thinking of starting a Fleet Driver Training course sometime in the near future."

Joe Hanlon DVSA ADI (Sheffield)

“I had already failed my qualification process a couple of times. I had appealed to John Farlam for help and he put me in touch with Ged Wilmot at Active Driving Solutions. This was at a time when I was suffering temporary health problems and, if I’m honest with myself, my motivation to become a driving instructor was ‘bumping along the bottom.’

Ged took me on and patiently showed me the skills I already had and built upon them. He changed my approach from the way I felt with a previous training establishment (“I just want this lesson to end and get out of the car”) to a totally new feeling (“Is the training over already?!?!”). From then on, Ged patiently built my skills up to (and beyond) test standard.

Oh! Glorious day when I passed. I had to ask my examiner to repeat the result three times before it sunk in. Ged was one of the first people I had to call to pass on the good news. Test passes are always good news/bad news. The good news is obvious, but the bad news was that my training with Ged was over. But only until the next time when I shall have no reservations about calling upon Ged’s help when I feel any need for some extra help and advice.”

Ken Hill DVSA ADI (Oldham)

“I first met Ged shortly after completing 40 hours of basic Part 3 training with a large national ADI training establishment. I was left feeling negative about my future, believing this new career was totally beyond my reach.

Following my first training session with Ged, I had a bright new outlook. A new life as a driving instructor began to seem realistic, instead of a distant dream. After a few more sessions, I began work on a trainee licence whilst still keeping up with my training. I enjoyed my new job and was finding I was having a lot of success with my pupils, too.

I passed my Part 3 test in September last year! If I had only heard about Ged earlier I might have saved myself a lot of money.

Earlier this year I also took some advanced driver training with Claire and I passed my DIAmond Advanced Test in May. More recently, I have undertaken a Check Test Assessment with Ged and am now awaiting my first check test!"

John Davies DVSA ADI (Ellesmere Port)

“I passed my Part 2 test with ease following professional training with Claire. She is a truly excellent teacher and puts you at ease from day one. I then started my Part 3 training with Ged but unfortunately I broke my hip in a freak cricketing accident and couldn't drive or do any in-car training for 3 months. I realised that I wouldn't be able to go back to my previous job in a hurry as it meant standing all day (I was a sheet metal worker).

As soon as my doctor allowed, I started back training with Ged. He is patient and builds your confidence with each training session. He listens to your questions and doesn't put you down in any way. We decided together that I should go out working on a trainee license and I believe that this, along with Ged’s excellent training, helped me to pass my Part 3 test first time! I would recommend Ged to anyone who wants to train to become a driving instructor. You would have to go a long way to find someone better.”

Adam Croston DVSA ADI (Oldham)

“ 'Ged Wilmot – The God of ADI Training'

What can I say?? Words just do not seem big enough to express my sincere thanks!

Prior to training with Ged, I trained with four different ADI training companies, all of which promised the earth but were most appalling and terrible experiences. I felt like a number, not a person. They didn’t seem to have my best interests at heart. To cut a very long story short, before finding Active Driving Solutions, I had wasted thousands of pounds. My confidence was destroyed not only as a student, but also as a person… my hopes and dreams had faded away.

In sheer desperation, I searched ADI training-related websites… I did not know which way to turn or who to trust. I wrote to John Farlam at SmartDriving, who immediately put me in contact with Ged.

From day one, my training was second-to-none; the personal touch, tailor-made to suit my individual needs. Ged gave me the knowledge and confidence to achieve my qualification. Towards the end of my series of training sessions, I also had training with Claire who is an absolute natural and I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her, too.

Ged and Claire Wilmot - you are both a credit to yourselves and the industry. Thank you for changing my life. See you soon for my Check Test Assessment!

P.S. If you are a prospective trainee reading this and you want to get your green ADI badge… do NOT go anywhere else!”

N Hill DVSA ADI (Birmingham)

“After previous training from a “big name” ADI Training company that was poor and far from constructive, I sought advice from John Farlam, who recommended I train with Ged at Active Driving Solutions.

Training was now like a breath of fresh air. Right from my first training session, Ged made me believe that I could pass. Instead of sharing the session with another trainee, only to be told near the end of the session all the mistakes I had made (as was the case with my original training provider), Ged guided me, encouraged me, and worked with me on a one-to-one basis throughout my sessions, so that when the dreaded Part 3 test came along, I knew I could pass it . . . And did!

I have just passed my ADI Check Test too - but of course I met with Ged again beforehand to make sure I was on track.

Ged and Claire have also continued to support me with career advice.

I cannot recommend Active Driving Solutions highly enough. Thanks guys!"

A.L DVSA ADI (Chapel-en-le-Frith)

“Claire – I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. Your determination and patience have given me a great sense of hope. You have been my inspiration, and above all, I did this for you!

I hope all your trainees appreciate you as much as I do. I can never repay you for all your hard work, but I will try. You are one in a million!


Lynda Dancer DVSA ADI (Ashton-under-Lyne)

“To Ged and Claire - What can I say? Without you, I wouldn’t have made it and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. If anybody ever asks me for information on training to become a driving instructor, I will be sending them straight round to you!

Rest assured I’ll be back for Check Test help!

Loads of love and thanks to you both.”

Vanessa Teeling DVSA ADI (Rochdale)

“I passed my ADI Part 1 and 2 tests in an amazing 9 weeks. I then went on to pass my Part 3 Test on 25th June. My success was due to Ged’s help, guidance and teaching methods.

His teaching methods are clear, uncluttered and adaptable. His ability to see problems from your perspective and adapt the lesson to meet your requirements is truly inspirational, and his ability to analyse your needs and create a solution which removes any doubt or misconceptions, is invaluable.

Simply stated, this man will take your current training status and raise it to a higher level, in a shorter time, with less stress. A true professional - Recommended without hesitation.”

Ron Oulton DVSA ADI (Liverpool)

“Without any hesitation I can recommend Active Driving Solutions to anyone thinking about qualifying as an ADI. My only regret was not talking to them before signing up with one of the big national ADI training organisations!

My trainer throughout Part 3 was Ged. So what makes him special? Quite simply, he enjoys what he does. He has a great attitude and is able to find the positives in what you do and suggest ways in which things can be improved. Whether I took a full or half day training I always came away knowing I had achieved something.

Passing part 3 was never going to be easy, but with Ged’s encouragement, I was better prepared to face whatever the examiner was going to do.

Many thanks!”

Jeff Tempest DVSA ADI (Wirral)

“I first met Ged after passing my Part 2 test, having had no previous professional instructor training. A friend had given me guidance to pass Part 2, but I quickly realised that Part 3 was a whole new ball-game...

I was very nervous before meeting Ged for the first time, but once training started, he quickly made me feel at ease. During my first session, he taught me the skill of ‘watching the learner’, and it’s still a skill I maintain and work upon in each and every lesson with my pupils.

When driving home after my first training session, I remember thinking to myself that I would never make it as an instructor, but as the weeks passed, I started to believe in myself and Ged advised me to book my Part 3 test. I would like to also say a special ‘thanks’ to Claire who took the time to offer me additional guidance and helped me to gain even more self-belief.

The big day finally arrived, and guess what? I passed FIRST TIME! (I still believe it was luck, though!)

Ged always made me feel comfortable and I still listen to the recordings of our training sessions which I made. I hope to take the DIAmond Special test later this year, so I am looking forward to meeting Ged again for training very soon.

Thanks again Ged and Claire!”

Tom Quirk DVSA ADI (Wirral)

“I write to express my thanks and appreciation for the training you provided during August and September of this year.

My initial attempt at Part 3 with another training company had unfortunately resulted in failure. I was left feeling very confused regarding the requirement and my future direction. Following this, I contacted a number of other training establishments for advice.

Upon meeting you for the first time, I was very pleasantly surprised by your straightforward and reassuring manner towards me. This was something I hadn’t come across elsewhere. No pressure, no hard sell, just honest opinion. I hoped that this would continue and translate well when I began training. I needn’t have worried. Your obvious enthusiasm for the job was always in evidence and proved to be both infectious and highly effective. You took a professional and systematic approach to both Part 3 and my needs within it. My shortcomings were corrected and my successes always rewarded. My frustration and uncertainty were met by your reassurance and faith in my ability. Part 3 actually became enjoyable! Needless to say, I passed my test at the next attempt and received a very positive report from my examiner.

A simple ‘thank you’ hardly seems adequate recompense under the circumstances, but I offer it anyway. I consider you to be a great asset to the driver training industry.

Thank you, Claire - Always a joy, never a disappointment!”

Steve Leatherbarrow DVSA ADI (Saddleworth)

“I was told about Ged by a fellow trainee instructor at The Instructor College (TIC) in Birkenhead. I had failed my Part 3 exam and had decided I was in need of further training outside TIC.

I had about 8 hours training with Ged and they made the world of difference. He used techniques that were different from TIC. For example, instead of waiting until the time had run out on a PST to give feedback, he would instead guide you through where you needed help at that given time. He greatly assisted in developing my question and answer technique. He also taught me how to watch the pupil properly which helped to develop my fault identification skills, an area in which I received a Grade 6 on my Part 3 test (top grade!).

If I had not received Ged’s help, I am sure that I would not have passed my Part 3 at all, would have given up and would now be in a different line of work. As it is, I am enjoying working as a franchisee for The AA Driving School, I am starting to build a thriving business, and I have aspirations to become an ADI trainer myself.

Many thanks Ged - I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chris Brough DVSA ADI (Wirral)

“Recently, I took the opportunity to read Active Driving Solutions’ Training Portfolio which a family friend had requested. I read the testimonials with interest and amazement - I saw an element of myself in every one I read!

A couple of years ago, I paid a lot of money to a large driving instructor training organisation. By the October of that year, I was at my wits end and at very low ebb as I knew that the training and development I needed to achieve the required standard to pass my Part 3 test was just not happening.

My recent work background had been as the National Sales Training Manager for a Global Company and I quickly realised that my chosen driving instructor training course was neither tailored to the needs of the individual nor delivered in an environment that was structured or developmental.

Thankfully, I was put in contact with Ged, and that same month I began training for my Part 3 test with him. He quite simply, ‘picked me up, dusted me off and started all over again’!

In April, I passed my Part 3 and have now been working as an ADI for one year with as much work as I can handle and thoroughly recommend Ged at every opportunity.

Any regrets? Yes, but only one... Had I trained with Ged from day one, I believe I would have qualified within a six month period, not twelve, and saved myself several thousand pounds, too.

My future plans? Check test training and furthering my skills as an ADI with Ged’s help!


Thea Copple DVSA ADI (Wirral)


Coming to Active was a blessing in disguise for me. When I first met Claire, I told her I was a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle with regards to my Part 3 knowledge, and that I was doubtful that those 100 pieces were in the correct places, as I had some training elsewhere before I went to her.

As my training started with Claire, she helped me put all the pieces together. More importantly, she made me a much more confident and assertive a person as a whole. Her reassurances and encouragement throughout made me recognise and believe in myself – something I had stopped doing a long time ago (that’s where the ‘blessing’ part came in!)

As a professional, she’s absolutely brilliant – probably the best in more ways than one; but as a person, she’s even better. I have found a wonderful friend.

Claire, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your perseverance. I would not have got through Part 3 without you."

Azra Ashan DVSA ADI (Manchester)

“To all potential driving instructors reading this testimonial (along with the many already posted on the Active Driving Solutions web site) who think, ‘Oh yeh, more sales talk’, let me put your minds at rest. Ged and Claire run an extremely good, friendly, honest and more importantly, caring company. As individuals, they truly care about the people who call on them to help them through the different stages of becoming an ADI.

After initially training with one of the UK’s largest ADI training companies and failing my Part 3 twice, I realised that something was definitely missing from my training, and if that something was not identified and rectified quickly I was going to fail the third and final attempt. Luckily for me, I was told about Ged at Active Driving Solutions, and after my first session with Ged I realised that I had indeed wasted a great deal of time and money with the company I had originally signed up with.

Ged & Claire came to my rescue and put me on the right lines. Training was hard but enjoyable. I never felt as though I was wasting my time or my money, and every session was a great boost to my dented confidence.

The sessions with Ged & Claire were not just about doing this or doing that; they taught me what the examiner would be looking for and why, and what was really needed to pass Part 3 and indeed what was required to be a successful instructor.

Thankfully, by working with Ged & Claire I was able to pass Part 3 and I look forward to receiving their help again when my first Check Test comes along!"

Roy McWhan DVSA ADI (Wirral)

“If you want to be treated as a meal ticket – don’t go to Ged. His training is top-rate and personalised for you, not the masses. He is so enthusiastic and proud of his own CPD, continually working on developing his methods and passing this on to his pupils. Ged’s tuition doesn’t stop at the end of the training session, or at the passing of your tests. He is just a phone call away with advice and moral support to help with your new career.

As an experienced teacher, I know a good teacher when I see one. Ged is exceptional.

I intend to continue my own CPD in the form of the DIAmond Special Test and I am now working as a trainer myself. I could have no better role model than Ged. A heartfelt “thank you” for all your help”

Wendy Farran DVSA ADI (Chester)

“After a mere 20 hours of Part 3 training, the course with my chosen training establishment was over… my Part 3 test was looming and I knew I was in trouble.

I knew that I needed more than just extra training - I had tried other instructor trainers before contacting Ged. He worked with me at my own pace, developing my confidence by bringing out the skills I already had, then through educated instruction built in the new skills required to carry me through the final test, as well as giving me a solid foundation to move on and help others as a qualified instructor.

For me, Part 3 was a process of re-engineering the way I approach my learning abilities as well as my teaching skills, so now I am looking ahead with a greater degree of control over the choices I can make for the future.

I know that I have still much to learn and will be contacting Ged again as I move forward.”

Tony Scott DVSA ADI (Chester)

“I had paid a huge amount of money to a large training organisation which I feel did not prepare me adequately for my Part 3 test. Once my training had ended, I received no further contact or support. Four months after the training ended, I was feeling disillusioned and had almost given up. I decided to give Ged a ring for some advice, and not only did he convince me not to give up, he also offered me further training and put me in touch with people to practice with.

With Ged’s excellent training, and lots of practice, I passed my Part 3 test on my first attempt and I am now happily working as a driving instructor. I found Ged’s training methods were tailored to my needs exactly. The quality of his training speaks for itself, as everyone that I know that trained with him has passed. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ged to anyone thinking of starting a career to become a driving instructor”

John Flynn DVSA ADI (Birkenhead)

“I first met Ged at my chosen training establishment, but feel lucky that I had Ged as my trainer. I passed my Part 3 test first time with grades 5-5, but doubt I would have ever have passed Part 3 at all without Ged’s help. In the future, I am looking to go into ADI training myself and would look to teach in the same way I was taught. Although Part 3 takes a lot of hard work to get through, the lessons were made very enjoyable. This is something I have taken into my own lessons with my pupils. A very satisfied customer!”

Alun Skillen DVSA ADI (Chester)

“Ged’s training methods are personalised and based on principles that guide you to your goal of becoming a driving instructor. I use Ged’s methods and principles in my own teaching and so far my pass rate is 100%, all my pupils having passed first time.

The quality of training that I received from Ged for my Part 3 was first class. Ged is an excellent communicator - he listens to your viewpoint and has the ability to illustrate and reason well, helping the PDI achieve his goal of becoming an ADI. He sees the things that you don’t see and imparts understanding in a kindly way.”

Mike Thornberry DVSA ADI (Wrexham)

“Pass Part 3? Impossible! In stepped Ged, and within a few months I was a qualified Approved Driving Instructor. With Ged’s expert training, I intend to pursue my Continued Professional Development, hopefully to instructor training level.”

Phil Marchbank DVSA ADI (Hoylake, Wirral)

“I first met Ged was when I started my Part 2 training in early 2004. Within moments of our meeting, I knew my training was going to be fun! Ged always gave constructive positive and negative feedback. He would tell us where we were making our mistakes and how to put them right, always giving praise where it was due.

He was always honest, he never made me feel silly or stupid, even if I kept on making the same mistakes - he would just remind me how to do it better. He always made me feel like I was with a friend.

Following my success on Part 2, I then started my Part 3 training. During that time, Ged had left the training company I was with, so was allocated another trainer. I didn’t enjoy my training one little bit. I then contacted Ged and asked if he would give me some extra training, to which he agreed. I was delighted! It was even better than Part 2, as I was getting first class tuition on a 1-to-1 basis. I had a few training sessions with Ged, all of which were informative, enjoyable and fun. In between sessions, I would go away and practice what he had advised me to do. Ged said if ever I had a problem or query that I could ring him. He is always pleased to help and his advice is fantastic. He is always there if you need him.

I had my last training session with Ged at the end of January 2005, took my Part 3 test on February 3rd and passed my test first time. I was absolutely over the moon!

If I could sum Ged up in five words, it would be ‘honest, caring, friendly, helpful and supportive’ and without him I wouldn’t be running my own, very busy driving school in Wales. He is definitely Number One! So if you’re looking for any type of driver training, give him a call - you’ll be glad you did.”

Wendy Scott DVSA ADI (Deeside)

“Before meeting Ged, I was disillusioned with training I had already paid for. Ged helped me to realise what was actually required for Part 3. Although I had worked hard on my own, I wasn’t sure what to focus on until Ged helped. He also gave me confidence and the belief that I could actually pass the test”

Heather Alexandra DVSA ADI (Chester)

“Ged, I would just like to say thanks for all the training and advice for my Part 3 test. Following initial assessment, we both agreed work was needed. You set positive goals every lesson and sure enough, we always met the target, therefore giving me a boost of confidence after each training session. You quickly resolved any doubts that I had in myself, keeping me focussed all the time. Your positive approach made a big difference.

Someone once said “You can never get enough training”. I took that on board and found the training I needed from you. As you know, I passed my test first attempt, and now have my lovely green badge. I am also preparing for the DIAmond Special Test to enhance my new career, so I know I’ll be getting a high level of training for this test once again from you.

Thanks again Ged – You da man!!”

Adam Khan DVSA ADI (Liverpool)

“After nearly two years wasted with my original training provider, with whom I was solely rehearsing the DVSA pre-set sets, followed by two failed attempts at my Part 3 test, I was ready to give up.

In desperation, I contacted John Farlam, who strongly recommended that I contact Ged for extra training. On the first session with Ged, I was amazed at the difference between his training and that which I had previously received – at long last I was actually learning how to teach and deal with real pupils!

I qualified in 2006 and soon had as many pupils as I could manage. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Ged sooner.”

Richard Park DVSA ADI (Stoke-on-Trent)

ADI Check Test Training & Fleet Check Test Training

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"Having qualified as a driving instructor way back in 1984, Claire was quick to let me know she was about 10 years old back then. Thanks Claire!

My main concern was, that like many other (old instructors) I was most probably "set in my ways" and the saying "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks" came to mind.

But hey, this old dog went with an open mind and listened and learnt from these two top coaches. They listened to what I had to say and they adapted the course to suit my needs. I couldn’t have wished for better instructors - their approach, kindness and knowledge was incredible and they simply guided me through what I had to do and how I could improve.

The result? A GRADE 6 !!! and only one five on one section to be seen on the certification.

Take it from me, if you are about to take a check test then it won’t matter how long you’ve been doing this job and how good you feel you are, a Check test course with Ged and Claire is a must! No doubt I will be seeing them again in the future to make sure I keep on top of things.

Thanks Guys, I can’t thank you enough."

Gareth Edwards DVSA ADI (Caernarfon, North Wales)

"I have just got grade 5 (was not far off a grade 6) on my very first check test and it's all down to Ged. Had it not been for his coaching tips and advice I would've faltered with a false sense of security. So a big thanks to Ged - undoubtedly one of the top trainers in the country. Check Test training is not my first learning experience with Ged - I also did some Part 3 training with him in 2012 which has encouraged me to seek his help for Check Test.

My only regret is had I known Ged earlier, I would never have gone to some big national company for my ADI training and would've passed lot earlier than I did. I will be contacting Ged soon again for his coaching on how to achieve a grade 6.

I was struggling to prepare myself for my Part 3 exam until I came across Ged and Claire’s Part 3 video clips on YouTube, which resulted in me watching nearly all of their training clips and booking a live training session. Those videos and that training session helped me a great deal to pass, as Ged quickly identified my weaknesses (especially on fault analysis) and got me working on them which was truly beneficial. I passed my Part 3 test at the first attempt with grades 5-4 (and very nearly got 5-5!).

Ged's training session was tailor-made to my requirements, and was also on a one to one basis. It wasn't like the big national company I had been training with, where most of the time I had another trainee sharing the training session. However the biggest asset when training with Ged was the video recording of the session which allowed me to analyse my own performance and prepare better.

I have had few people asking me how to become a driving instructor and the only name I always mention is Ged’s. My advice to anyone who wants to become an ADI or whoever needs some support for Check Test is this: do not commit to anyone for anything before speaking to Ged.

Thanks Ged and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Yaseen Mohammed DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"I received my Fleet Check Test appointment and initially felt that I didn't need any further training as I had done a fleet check test 5 years earlier and achieved a grade 5.

On reflection I felt that there could be a grade 6 in me and contacted Ged and Claire to see if they would be able to help me in achieving this. Straight away on meeting Ged I knew I had made the right decision. We discussed any changes that may or may not have occurred since my last check test, then we did some role play. Throughout this training, my session was being filmed, so I could view it when I got home to help me develop my skills.

Ged was professional and gave me some brilliant advice, the PowerPoint Presentation was awesome, it went down a treat with the SE.

So once again, thank you so much Ged, you really helped me to keep the structure together and with the help of the video I was better able to maintain control throughout. I achieved a grade 6, which I am totally over the moon about.

Many thanks!"

Anita Turner DVSA RFT ORDIT (Stafford)
ASM Driver Training

"I qualified as an ADI with Ged & Claire a few years ago, but having not started instructing any pupils as yet, you can imagine my apprehension when my check test appointment letter dropped through the letterbox!

Once again, I called on Ged of Active Driving Solutions for help. With the high regard he holds within the driver training field, for me he was the obvious choice to offer guidance with my check test training.

I admire the way Claire and Ged are always looking to improve on the high standard of training already in place. One particular feature I found very helpful was the video recording of the session which allowed me the additional opportunity to analyse my performance at home.

I don't think I can add any more than what has already been said, apart from 'keep up the good work'!"

Steve Halley DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"I've been an ADI since 2005. In November 2008, after completing a 5 day course in Berkshire, I qualified as a Fleet Trainer. I'm sure like many, the reality afterwards wasn't great. In fact, I only did a single day of Fleet training in late 2008, and nothing since.

I was due to have a Fleet Check Test in October 2011 and after much research online, I discovered my best option for getting through the dreaded check test was to arrange a day's training with Ged. Sadly, the check test was cancelled and eventually rescheduled for August 2012, ho hum!

Upon receiving my new Check Test date, I emailed Ged and was firstly impressed that he remembered me from our training nearly a year later and secondly delighted when he very kindly emailed me all the DVSA and his own handouts and an updated Powerpoint presentation - so kind, so professional and so useful.

I spent a few hours looking over the "in car video" that Ged had taken during our Fleet Check test rescue day and I have to say that having now successfully passed with a Grade 5 and sooo nearly a 6 (made one stupid mistake!) how fantastic the content of the video is. During the training day, Ged covers absolutely everything, the next best thing to actually having him there completing the check test for me! I can honestly say that I've never felt so confident in a test situation (once it had started anyway!)

I travelled from Windsor, Berkshire (380 mile round trip) for my day with Ged, 100% worth it. Ged was very kind to help with local accommodation the night before, a very good tip!

With all this in mind, there is absolutely NO reason to go anywhere else for your training needs. See you again for sure, thanks Ged!"

Drew Youds DVSA ADI (Windsor, Berkshire)

"Hi Ged,

You should charge more for your services!!!

Took my Check Test yesterday after remedial training with you. I have gone from an educational in January to a Grade 5 in May!! I cannot thank you enough, you put me on the right road. I hope you and your family are well and no doubt I shall contact you before my next one.

Many thanks"

'G.R.' DVSA ADI (Peterborough)

"Hi Ged,

Thanks a trillion for all your help towards today's Check Test! After getting a grade E on my first Check Test, and then a 3 on my next one in May, I really felt like giving up. My trainer had told me I was great, but obviously the SE thought differently. But after making the call to you last month and having our two training sessions, I passed my Check Test this morning with a Grade 5 and I almost got a 6. Got 6s for identification and analysis and a 5 for remedial action, so close! The examiner asked who had helped me improve, and when I told him you, he was extremely complimentary about your training skills and he told me he thought very highly of you and your wife.

Mike and me will be in touch in October to book our Fleet Trainer courses with you, and please keep me updated with your in-car Coaching courses, too.

Thanks again so much for all your help. I will recommend you unreservedly to anyone in a similar situation to mine, and to anyone looking to become an ADI."

Mr S DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"I qualified as a Fleet Trainer in June 2008 through RoSPA, but I was unable to get any work as a Fleet trainer because I was a Grade 4 (most fleet providers require a Grade 5 or 6).

In September 2009, I was required to attend for a Check Test, but did not have the confidence to do a Fleet Check Test so did it as an ADI. I got a Grade 4 again. However, because I had not done the Check Test in the fleet format, the SE took my fleet badge off me for what they described as "safe keeping"… in other words I could no longer work as a Fleet Trainer.

I met Ged and Claire Wilmot at a one day coaching course they ran in Liverpool in June this year. I was very sceptical about the claims made about coaching, but they won me over and set me on a course of personal discovery.

Later that month, I contacted Ged and asked him if he would coach me as I intended to apply for the return of my fleet badge. I knew that this would require me doing a Fleet Check test.

After taking 9 hours training with both Ged and Claire, I took my Fleet Check Test on 1st September and achieved a Grade 6.

I believe that my success was totally down to the extraordinary coaching I received from Ged and Claire. They create a wonderful learning environment, their enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject is immense. They consistently went way beyond the requirements of any trainers I have ever known.

I wish I could have done my initial ADI Part 3 training with them, I believe it would have saved me a lot of cash, time and heartache. I would recommend them unreservedly to anyone."

Pete Scott DVSA ADI (Grade 6, RoSPA Dip)

"After qualifying as an ADI in November 2008 at my first attempt with Ged & Claire at Active Driving Solutions, I always dreaded my first Check Test.

I completed my Check Test Training with Ged in 2009, expecting to get mine through fairly quickly. Prior to the training, Ged had assessed my lesson at a Grade 4. I wanted to do better.

I have attended many meetings and listened to what would be expected of me on the day. Some of the things I heard I agreed with, and some I didn't.

My first Check Test came through in March this year and after loads of preparation, I thought I was ready. Then it was cancelled on the same day.

My second was cancelled in August because I was on holiday, then my final notice came through for November 4th.

In September, I attended the ADI Coaching course in Rochdale, ran by Ged and Claire Wilmot and Kathy Higgins. I loved every minute of it, and knew that this was the way I would work on my lessons and on my Check Test. The results with clients have been fantastic, but, even more so on my Check Test. I got a grade SIX!

I can't thank Ged, Claire and Kathy enough for the inspiration they gave me. Fantastic Instructors and superb teachers. I would seriously recommend them to anybody for ADI training, Check Test training and ADI coaching Skills Courses. With their continual support, I know I can achieve anything.

I would just like to say thank you to Ged, Claire and Kathy another 'SIX' times!."

Frank Walsh DVSA ADI (Grade 6)
Drivetime UK Driver Training

"Having qualified with Ged originally, when my Check Test 'summons' arrived I naturally contacted him immediately.

It always helps to have someone assess your techniques, no one is above needing CPD to keep them on their toes.

The result? Grade 6!!

Thanks Ged!"

Wendy Farran DVSA RFT (Grade 6, ORDIT Trainer)

"Hi Ged,

Just a note to say a big 'thank you' for the two sessions we had last weekend.

Your gentle but effective, student-focused and positive approach was exactly what I needed. I learned so much and have now found my confidence again.

I was in a unique position… Not only did I learn how to build confidence in a pupil, but - being the 'problem pupil' - I was able to experience the effect on myself. Can you think of a better example of experiential learning?

Furthermore, we achieved my number 1 objective which was confirmation that my own teaching techniques are good.

It's particularly useful to have an audio record of the sessions; not just for the feedback on my performance, but to analyse exactly how the Wilmot brand of magic works! The added bonus of a dip into the world of coaching was the icing on the cake and I now have a new to tool to develop.

I am copying this to John Farlam with my thanks and as feedback that his recommendation worked out so well.

I'm now working on my weaknesses 'areas for improvement' and looking forward to the Check Test and the opportunity to demonstrate my teaching skill to the DVSA. I am confident that, on the day, I will deliver my usual high standard lesson and be successful."

D.G. DVSA ADI (Glasgow)

ADI Coaching Courses & Workshops

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ADI Coaching Course Manchester

Delegates from our Manchester Workshop (November 2010)

"The day spent with Kathy and Ged was WOW!! What an eye opener! I had read so much about coaching over the last year from John Farlam's site, and the ADI magazines that I thought that I knew quite a bit about it, and had tried in my own bumbling way to implement it in my training, with very little success.

However after meeting Kathy and Ged I now have a fuller grasp of the principles involved in coaching. I have begun to use the methods learned on the workshop and the difference is surprising, of course I am still in that learning curve and at the moment am slipping to quickly into instructor mode, but most of my clients have agreed to travel this journey of discovery with me.

My first experience was with a client who has had one previous lesson, she had heard of coaching (or 'client-based teaching') in her trainee manager course at work, so she slipped into the session very easily, and at the end felt relaxed and delighted with HER new found skills. For me, it has been some time since I felt this good about the outcome of a lesson.

I will continue to practice the skills so that I become a real asset to my clients, contribute to road safety, and run a more profitable business.

Looking forward to attending further workshops as they come along."

Ken Adams DVSA ADI (Belfast)

"Loved the course, would definitely recommend and looking forward to using my new techniques. Great atmosphere, relaxed and comfortable. Loved it all, wish I could replay!"

Nadine DVSA ADI (Birmingham)

"Ged, Claire and Kathy are three of the highest qualified trainers out there, they run a course that both involves and challenges you, they also keep it informal and encourage everyone to come up with their own ideas.

I came away with a new outlook on driver training/coaching which I immediately put into practice. My pupils felt more involved with their learning and it helped me understand what they were thinking in certain situations so much more.

I can highly recommend this course to any ADI's out there wondering what coaching is all about, it's an informative, enjoyable day and you will leave with new ideas that you can use straight away."

Geoff Duxbury DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"The group work and coaching sessions were a great help and really enjoyable."

Doug DVSA ADI (Hampshire)

"It's Robbi, the one that didn't shut up on the coaching course back in June. Ha!! Just like to say thank you to you both, because by taking further training with yourselves and Kathy it helped me to get my Grade 6 back that I lost 2 years ago. I did use quite a bit of coaching on my test which really made me work but was most definitely worth the effort. I know there is still more to be developed but now I've got the grade that I worked for, I've got the bug to work harder.

I've even started using coaching to develop my son's schoolwork. He was struggling with reading and writing and now his progress is amazing.

So all I can say to those instructors who are too scared to accept coaching works for driver training is, " Don't knock it until you try it, coz it really does work, end of"".

Robbi - Grade 6 Driver Coach/Instructor (Liverpool)

"Excellent course – well presented. Really glad I decided to attend – well worth the investment. Many thanks!"

Ian DVSA ADI (Wirral)

"I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it. I have started using the coaching methods and already I feel better (more effective and I enjoy it more) as an ADI and my pupils seem to be responding very well. I am using a mixture of coaching and traditional at the moment but will gradually use more coaching as I get more comfortable with it. There have been times when I was asking pupils questions and noticed them starting to drift and realised that they are kinaesthetic learners, something I would never have thought of before learning about learning styles on your workshop, so I changed the lessons to a more practical base and they then went very well. The pupils really do seem to get a better understanding of the subject when asked what they think about it.

Many thanks for your help and guidance. It seems coaching really does work well and in my opinion should be the basis for all driver training in the future."

Pete Scott DVSA ADI (Mold)

"Low point – The end! But it means I can start tomorrow!"

Colin Smith DVSA ADI (Winchester)

"I went along to this Coaching Workshop not really knowing what to expect, and I was sure I was already using coaching anyway. How wrong was I?!

The course made me see how easy my job would be if I followed a few simple steps, how enjoyable the lesson could be and how much the pupil would learn. I tried these techniques the next day with two pupils, and wow! There were big differences in the way they understood more quickly. I didn't tell them I had been on a course. But at the end of each lesson, they both said they couldn't believe how easy it was and how much they got done.

I'm glad I went, it was money well spent!"

Barbara Porter DVSA ADI (Liverpool)

"I found the course enjoyable, relaxed and educational, giving me a new insight into driver training. My pupils are much more involved now. They express themselves and get involved in decision making, giving them choices as to where they feel they are up to and where they feel they could improve. It's amazing how they are open to new ideas given the choice, and I haven't had one pupil yet that doesn't like that extra involvement!

I can honestly say that learning about how to use coaching has enhanced my skills as a driving instructor for the better. The results have been great and pupils are definitely picking things up quicker which keeps them happy and me happy."

Paul Mills DVSA ADI (Oldham)

"The course was very enjoyable! I would and will definitely recommend it to friends"

Peter DVSA ADI (Flintshire)

Peter's comment was followed up a couple of weeks later with this email:

"On reflection I feel the Coaching Course I did with You and Ged has had more of an effect on me and my training methods than I initially thought.

I was very sceptical about the course and coaching to begin with, but I knew that my instuction wasn't working, this made me feel frustrated, to the point I had considered quitting.

Coaching has rekindled my enthusiasm for driver training. The couple of techniques I have tried so far have proved to be far more effective than I would of believed possible and I am wondering how much more effective I could be if I embraced coaching totally.

I have just completed a round trip of 30 miles to purchase a copy of John Whitmore's book "Coaching for Performance", this will be my holiday reading.

During the course you spoke of the possibility of a 5 day course at some point in the future. I hope its not to far in the future. Is it possible for you to put me on the list for the first candidates on that course?

Following our Coaching workshop and subsequent one-to-one training with Ged & Claire, Peter achieved a Grade 6 in his next Check Test (having previously been a Grade 4). Well done Peter!!

"A very enjoyable day, albeit a long one for me, driving from Uxbridge in West London!

I have started using some of the coaching techniques we all explored. I don't know who is more pleased with the results, me or the pupil!!"

Bob Jessup DVSA ADI (Middlesex)

"I really enjoyed your coaching workshop and have seen great results in pupil progress using these methods. I am looking forward to enhancing my coaching skills through more practice & workshops with yourselves."

Carl Rogers DVSA ADI (Manchester)

"It's given me the kick up the arse I've needed to get excited about teaching again. I enjoyed the whole session!"

Robbi DVSA ADI (Liverpool)

Other ADI CPD Courses

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"I went to Active Driving Solutions for my Part 3 training and due to their help and excellent teaching techniques I passed (see my testimonial in the ADI section). Since passing my part 3, I have found both Ged and Claire to be very approachable; whether by phone, text or email, they always made time to answer and give ideal advice to any questions that I had.

I re-contacted Active Driving Solutions for my Fleet Training and Ged showed me the road to pass the Fleet Trainer Test. I passed my Fleet Trainer Test first time, thanks to Ged's excellent coaching techniques and brilliant faults that he put in; his outstanding and helpful teaching methods proved to me that his training and knowledge were truly ideal for the best training. The good thing was that everything was video recorded to an SD card, which I can now view on my laptop to refresh the knowledge he bestowed me.

If you need any help for ADI CPD/Part 3 Training, just give Active Driving Solutions a call, and you will not be disappointed.

Many thanks Ged for your help and no doubt will see you again for future CPD training."

Mani Khan DVSA RFT (Nottingham)
Secure A Pass

"Hi Ged,

Just like to inform you that I passed the Fleet Part 3 test today - thanks very much for all your help, without which I wouldn't have made it! I felt comfortable with the structure and presentation, I even surprised myself on the coaching.

The examiner gave good feedback and enjoyed it, all the words, tips and scenarios you gave me made a massive difference.

I'll be in touch for Check Test training when the letter arrives, well done Mani for recommending you to me!"

Kelvin Mayes DVSA RFT (Nottingham)
KSM Driver Training

"Hi Ged and Claire,

A quick note to say how much I appreciated Claire's expert guidance in preparing for my DIAmond Special Test.

As always, a thorough and professional but friendly approach made the training session really enjoyable.

Of particular interest was the practise on commentary driving, as ten minutes of this is required on the test - and to maintain exacting standards of driving whilst doing this is not easy at first!

As Claire said..'I should feel like the Queen whilst you are chauffeuring me around.'

The examiner must have....as I passed first time.

Thanks again Claire."

Paul Moorcroft DVSA ADI (Saddleworth)

Fleet & SAFED for Vans

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We are happy to recommend the SAFED for Vans Driver Training Course. Our staff have all given me positive feedback about the training and we intend to continue to send our van drivers on it.

At present we have not been able to assess all the benefits in terms of fuel savings and accident rates as it is early days, however I feel in terms of drivers feeling that we are taking Health & Safety seriously, it has certainly had a positive impact and has increased awareness of the issues.  

Kind Regards

Sarah Ginham-Clegg (Health & Safety Advisor - TopSpeed Couriers Ltd.)

Dear Claire

Our van drivers have recently completed the SAFED for Vans scheme.

On behalf of the drivers and the Company, I would like to thank you, Geoff, Ged and Kathy for your efforts. The feedback from our drivers was positive and despite the initial apprehension they all enjoyed the course. I am sure there will be a benefit in the future both to the drivers and the Company.

Could you please pass on our thanks to the trainers and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours sincerely

Nichole Radcliffe (HR Manager - BMS Superfactors Ltd.)